Turkic World Theater Days, which was held in Mersin by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality this year, between 15 and 20 May 2017.

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, Ankara Ambassador of Kyrgyz Republic İbragim Cunusov, Secretary General of TURKSOY Düsen Kaseinov, Deputy Governor of Mersin Süleyman Deniz, TÜRKSOY Kyrgyzstan Representative Kocogeldi Kuliev, Kyrgyzstan National Academic Drama Theater Group Leader Koyrat İmanaliev, TRNC Mersin Consul General Ayşen Volkan İnaniroğlu, theater groups came to Mersin for Theathre Days and many guests attended to the opening ceremony 3. Turkic World Theater Days held in Mersin Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Congress and Exhibition Center, Tarsus Cultural Center and Gülnar Cultural Center.

During the Theatre Days organized by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality for three years, the theater groups from different countries perform their plays. In the Turkic World Theater Days, which aimed to transfer different cultures and languages by melting them in the theater, to the people of Mersin, theathre groups from Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Gagauzia, Cyprus, Iraq and Iran performed their theatrical performances and carried their cultures and languages to Mersin.

The 3. Turkic World Theater Days began with Toktobolot Abdumomunov Kyrgyz National Academic Drama Theater’s play “Dede Korkut”. After the game, President Kocamaz made a speech on the stage and said “Today we are together with Kyrgyzstan group in the first play of the Turkic World Theater Days, which we organized as Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. I would like to mention that I am very happy that such a game about Dede Korkut, which has a very important place in Turkish history, has been exhibited in our Mersin. Delegations from Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Gagauzia, Cyprus, Iraq and Iran will take the stage for a week. Not only in the center of Mersin, but also in our districts will be presented in the same way. Of course, the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Theater Group will take its place on behalf of Mersin. I would like to thank all the delegations who came to this place. “

In the 3. Turkic World Theater Days, the “Flag (Bayrak)” play of the Kirkuk Turkmen Gardaslik Ocağı Theater Group, the TRNC Güzelyurt Municipality City Theater “Tail of the Pig (Domuzun Kuyruğu)” game, Gagauzia Komrat Municipality S. Kesya Music and Dance Drama Theater Theater Group “One Man to All Village (Bir Adam Büyün Köye), Play of the actors from Syria Turkish Theater “The Last Day of an Imprisoned Convict (Bir İdam Mahkumunun Son Günü)” were played on the stage.

22. Mayıs 2017