Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB)’s Supervisory Board Member Safranbolu Municipality and Mongolia’s Bayan-Ulgii city signed sister city protocol.

The signing ceremony, which took place on 25 March 2017 in Mongolia, was attended by Deputy Mayor of Safranbolu Hüseyin Bilicioğlu, Council Member of Safranbolu Municipality İsmail Timar, Governor of Mongolia Bayan Ulgii Glimkan Aip, Deputy Mayor Khavel Sharip, Executive Assistant Tilegen Khuargan and Chairman of Public Representatives Bauyrjan Dalel.

Safranbolu, one of the World Heritage Cities of UNESCO which is also known with its historical houses, added its four sister city by signing a protocol with Mongolia’s Bayan Ulgii city, after Greece’s Skydra, Macedonia’s Ohrid and Tatarstan’s Alabuga.

Bayan-Ulgii city is one of the 21 states of Mongolia. The city is stated at the western part of the country. As of 2013 its population is 90,404. % 88,7 of Bayan-Ulgii population is Kazakh Turks. Besides there are Uranhay Turks (% 7,2), Dorvods (% 1,5), Halha Mongols, Tuva Turks and Hoshuds. As a result of this % 98 of the population consists of Turkish folks. An important part of the population speaks Kazakh Turkish.