“Khalifa Altay Commemoration Program for the 100th Anniversary of Birth” was organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in cooperation with Zeytinburnu Municipality, Ankara Embassy of Kazakhstan and Association of Kazakh Turks Education Research (KATEAD) in Kazlıçeşme Cultural Center on Saturday, March 25, 2017.

Program was attended by TDBB Vice President and Zeytinburnu Mayor Murat Aydın, Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak, Consul General of Kazakhstan Yerkebulan Sapiev, family members of Khalifa Altay, KATEAD President Serkan Dinçtürk, President of Kyrgyz Turks Association Kurbanbek Kutlu, President of Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Foundation İlyaz Saka.

The program, which started with Kazakh Rice, continued with the opening speeches.

Deputy Chairman of TDBB and Mayor of Zeytinburnu Murat Aydin said in his opening speech, “I greet all participants with love and affection. On this important day, we traveled to the past and we met our precious ancestor Khalifa Altay. I congratulate TDBB, the Consulate General of Kazakhstan in Istanbul and KATEAD for organizing such an important program.”

“I am proud to be here today in this beautiful and meaningful program,” said Yerkebulan Sapiev, Consul General of Kazakhstan Istanbul. Zeytinburnu district is like our second home. I would like to thank those who contributed to this meaningful program.”

Abdurrahim Altay, son of Khalifa Altay, said, “The migration of our fathers from Altay to Anatolia lasted for twenty years. This migration was made because they did not have the possibility to live their religion in their homeland. This migraton started with 18 thousand people from Kazakhstan and terminated with one thousand 400 people in Anatolia. However, one thousand 400 people reached the goal. My father is one of them. I would like to thank you for organizing this commemoration program this week which is the celebration of Çanakkale Victory.”

KATEAD President Serkan Dinçtürk said, “Our most important goal as KATEAD is to set our future by owning our history. To commemorate someone who has struggled for his people like Khalifa Altay is a debt of us. Khalifa Altay is a great religious scholar of Kazakhs. We remember with mercy and respect in your presence Khalifa Altay who worked for his religion and nation until the end of his life.”

Panel of “Khalifa Altay in the 100th Anniversary of Birth” was made

Following the opening speeches, a panel titled “Khalifa Altay in the 100th Anniversary of Birth” was organized for Khalifa Altay, one of the religious scholars of Kazakh Turks. Mr. Panagöz Uvatkan, General Secretary of World Kazakhs Association, Abdulvahap Kara, Mimar Sinan University Faculty Member, Danagul Mahatkyzy from Eurasian University Center for Adulthood and Kazakh Writer and Poet Jadi Şakenuli, attended the meeting whose moderator was Fahri Solak faculty member from Marmara University.

Botagöz Uvatkan, Secretary General of the World Kazakhs Association, who made the first talk on the panel, said “I met Khalifa Altay during their first Independence Years of Kazakhstan. We worked hard with him. That’s why I know him very closely. Khalifa Altay was great respected in Kazakhstan. Thousands of copies of Quran translated by him were published and distributed in Kazakhstan. With this translation, the Kazakh youths could read the Quran. For this reason, the place of Khalifa Altay in Kazakhstan is very important.”

Kazakh writer Jadi Shakenuli said, “There is the spirit of Alash in this 100th anniversary. Khalifa Altay is a valuable person who has gained national spirit and consciousness of Alash. When Kazakhstan became independent Khalifa Altay returned to his ancestral home without any hesitation. Khalifa Altay is an important page of Kazakh history. He left indelible marks on the history of the Kazakh. Khalifa Altay is the pride of Kazakhs. In the hundredth year of birth, such a program shows how valuable a person he is.”

Danagul Mahatkyzy from the Center for the Research of the Eurasian University, said “Khalifa Altay is not only an important figure of a tribe but for all Kazakhs. The task of researching the life of Khalifa Altay was given to us as Otrar Research Center of University of Eurasia. In this context, we will discuss the fights of the Kazakhs for freedom and independence while trying to understand the life of Khalifa Altay, and try to reveal the similarities of the differences of these challenges in the twentieth century. It will be based on scientific resources in scientific meetings.”

Mimar Sinan University Faculty Member Abdulvahap Kara said, “Our ancestors were conscious and valuable people. The Khalifa Altay is one of them. Great people will serve their people with their ideas and Works after their death. We are here to commemorate him here today because Khalifa Altay is such a person. He is a worthy personality of the whole Turkic world. The works of Khalifa Altay were published by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Turkey. His works are now being read in Turkey, in Kazakhstan and in all Turkic World. Preparation of first translation of Quran was vouchsafed to Khalifa Altay. This is very important.”

The memorial program ended with the introduction of appreciation plaques and collective photo shoots.