Within the scope of the “International Historical Waterway Cities Meeting” organized by the Association of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Esenler Municipality, 9 cities from 8 Balkan countries gathered at Esenler on 22 March World Water Day.

Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak, AK Party Istanbul Member of Parliament Nureddin Nebati, Esenler District Governor Hulusi Şahin, Esenler Mayor M. Tevfik Göksu, Mayor of Berat (Albania) Petrit Sinaj and Kebir artist Hikmet Barutçigil, as well as a large number of guests, including mayors and representatives from Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Niche (Serbia), Constance (Romania), Travnik (Bosnia Herzegovina), Bar (Montenegro), Prizren (Kosovo) and Ohrid (Macedonia) joined to the opening ceremony in Kadir Topbas Culture and Art Center.

Esenler Mayor Mehmet Tevfik Göksu explained the purpose of organizing the “International Historical Waterway Cities Meeting” organized for the first time in Turkey and said “We gathered the cities that have defined their own culture with water as the children of the water civilization. We do not use water for only purify, but also in our hopes and prays to describe and to praise the human. We emphasize the Balkan countries with the compassion and the unity of the water and we would like to talk about the water with the cities on the waterway and we would like to talk about the signature of water on culture and art.”

Berat Mayor Petrit Sinaj also emphasized the importance of water for humanity and said “Water is the beginning of humanity, civilization and even big battles. I would like to thank to Esenler Municipality for bringing nine water cities together in this world where water is so important.”

Meeting of Water and Marbling is Very Important

Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak said that it is a very important work to gather Su Kasidesi with Marbling and said “It is a really important work to reflect Su Kasidesi to our national art marbling. Water is the foundation of life and civilization, but keeping that water is a vision of our civilization.”

On the first day of the program, the pianist Güneş Yakartepe performed ‘Su Müziği’ and Fuzuli’s ‘Su Kadisesi’. On the first day, Hikmet Barutçugil’s exhibition “Su Kasidesi in Âb-Rû”, which brings together Fuzuli’s Su Kasidesi with ebru art, was opened in the forefront. Then participants visited the booths where the promotion of 9 cities participated in the ‘Historical Waterway City Meetings’ project. The folk dances of the cities participated to the festival colored the program with their shows.

On the second day of the program, tour of the Bosporus took place after the visits of ADELL Ab-i Life Museum, Yerebatan Cistern and Hagia Sophia Museum with the participation of mayors and artists from Balkan countries.

Historical Waterway Cities Meetings were colored with cultural exhibitions of artists and teams coming to Turkey and in the closing night the performances exhibited exhilarated the audience. In the night where the works of “Water” and the Balkan melodies are sung, folk songs sung by teachers of ESEV (Esenler Art House) added the color to the program. A colorful closing ceremony was held at the concert of the ‘International Historical Waterway Cities’ Meeting, where numerous cultural events took place, with the concert ‘Reflections from Water’.