Union of Turkish world Municipalities (TDBB) in cooperation with its members from Turkey, in scope of Institute Yunus Emre’s project “My choice is Turkish” has organized opening ceremony of Classroom for Turkish language in City of Kakanj on 24 February 2017. Which reconstruction and equipment renewed with support from Gebze Municipality.

In opening ceremony hold in Mula Mustafa Baseskija Primary School, Semir Efendic Member of TDBB Administrative Board and Mayor of Novi Grad Municipality, H. E. Haldun Koç – Ambassador of Republic of Turkey in Sarajevo, Mayor of Gebze Municipality Adnan Köşker, Mayor of Kakanj Municipality Nermin Mandra, Vice minister of Education in Zenica – Doboj Canton Bernadeta Galijasevic, Director of Institute Yunus Emre in Sarajevo Mehmet Akif Yaman and director of Research and Projects in Gebze Municipality.

TDBB Administrative Board Member, Mayor of Novi Grad Municipality Semir Efendic in his speech in opening ceremony relay greetings from TDBB President Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu and Secretary General Fahri Solak and continued “Bosnia and Herzegovina is country where TDBB has several projects, today also we can see one concrete example. “My choice is Turkish” project is very important for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thousands of students started to learn Turkish. I want to express my gratitude to all who supported this event in the name of Bosnia and Herzegovina and TDBB.”

Ambassador of Republic of Turkey Haldun Koç said that is good to know that is Turkish language second the most learned language in Bosna and Herzegovina also Director of Institute Yunus Emre in Sarajevo Mehmet Akif Yaman stated that 7500 students in primary schools is learning Turkish language and continued, “We have many projects for our students and this is one of them, making modern classrooms for students.” He also said that is the plan to make classrooms for Turkish language in every school in Bosnia and Herzegovina where students learns our language.

Vice minister of education in Zenica-Doboj Canton Bernadeta Galijasevic underlined that Turkish language is elective course since 2011. “Every new language is richness. But language of country which has a lot of common parts in its culture is much more important”.

Mayor of Gebze Municipality Adnan Köşker said that his municipality supports projects like this in Bosnia and Herzegovina and continued:”This is very important project for improving our relationships. If Bosnia and Herzegovina is powerful Turkey will be too, if Turkey is strong country Bosnia will as well. And we know that it will be by using common language” said.

After this ceremony other classrooms for learning Turkish language in different 17 schools will be in service of schools in scope of project “My choice is Turkish” with support of TDBB and TDBB members from Turkey. Opening ceremonies in other cities will be after municipalities which support renovation of classrooms scheduled in their programs.