Tatarstan Republic (Russian Federation) Representative of Turkey Ayrat Gataullin and accompanying delegation visited Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) on 23 February 2017.

In the meeting in TDBB Headquarter with Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak, the need of mutual projects for improving the relations between Tatarstan and TDBB was underlined. Gataullin referred to new beautiful parks after the Information and Experience Sharing Program on Organized Industrial Zones and Parks, Gardens, Green Areas for Local Development and said “Mayors took advantage of experiences in here and made important investments in their own cities. Merely, Kazan turned to a city of parks. Besides after the same program some agreements were made with Gebze Organized Industrial Zone. With this agreement, a huge organized industrial zone will establish in Kazan by using the experiences of Gebze Organized Industrial Zone. As Tatarstan we would like you to schedule new information and experience sharing program plus, gather the Tatarstan cities with their sister cities in Turkey.”

Solak mentioned that TDBB always want to work close with Republic of Tatarstan and congratulate Gataullin for his new duty. He also expressed that they will have pleasure to organize an information and experience sharing program on a special topic preferred.

The model which will placed to Istanbul Park in Kazan, 2017 Sabantoy Celebration in Istanbul, Kazan Summit between 18-21 May, Tartarica book prepared and translated in Turkish within cooperation of Tatar History Institute and TDBB, sister city projects were the other cooperation topics in the agenda.