The first preview of Ürkün movie in Turkey, which was shot in Kyrgyzstan on the 100th anniversary of 1916 Turkistan Resistance, was held cooperatively by hosting Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Istanbul Consulate General of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz Turks Culture and Solidarity Association and Zeytinburnu Municipality on December 20th, Tuesday 2016 in Istanbul.

The preview, which took place at Zeytinburnu Culture and Arts Center, was attended by PMs of Kyrgyzstan Salaidin Aidarov, Kurmankul Zulushev, Damirbek Asylbekulu, the related crew of the movie’s production and directing, Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak, President of Kyrgyz Turks Culture and Solidarity Association Kurbanbeg Kutlu and many other guests.

Speaking before the preview Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak said, “Ürkün is an important movie which discusses an important time period so we are happy to host Turkey preview of such a movie. In addition to focusing on developing cooperation between brother and sister municipalities, TDBB also aims to do activities for developing common cultural heritage and supports projects prepared for this goal. I thank both the guests coming from Kyrgyzstan and you all, and wish you enjoy the movie.”

Within the framework of Gala program, a Photograph Exhibition on Ürkün event took place in ZKS Foyer.

The movie Ürkün, shot cooperatively by Sayakbay Manasçı Foundation and Kutkeldi Movie Company, was directed by Medin Uçkeyev and produced by Muhtar Atanaliev. The scenario of the movie, which discusses resistance of Kyrgyz people to Czarist Russia and their escape to China through Tian Shan, was written according to the stories told by the grandchildren of the people who experienced the tragic event happened 100 years ago. In the movie shot in 8 months, experienced and well known theatre and cinema actors of Kyrgyzstan played. The shooting of the movie took place in the North and South regions of Kyrgyzstan and also in China.