Information and experience sharing program organized in cooperation with Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and TIKA between 11 and 17 December 2016 for Gagauzian mayors themed “Alternative Energy Sources and Asphalt Operations in Local Governments” has completed after the presentations and site visits in Konya and Istanbul.

Delegation under the presidency of Mayor of Komrad Serghei Anastov was consisted of Mayor of Haydar Ilia Chiosea, Mayor of Kazakliya Mihaylovich Kior Grigoriy, Mayor of Karboliya Konstantin Gaydarzhi, Mayor of Kotovskoye Gheorghi Palic, Mayor of Tomay Fiodor Topciu, Mayor of Coltay Ilia Koshulinski, Mayor of Baurci Nicolai Carapirea, Mayor of Chadir Lunga Anatoli Topal, Mayor of Kipchak Oleg Garizan, Deputy Mayor of Kongaz Ivan Cheles and Mayor Advisor of Komrad Lidia Ostas.

Program has Started with Selcuklu Municipality Visit

Delegation spent first day of program in Konya and visited Selcuklu Municipality and met with Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay. After the presentation about asphalt applications and solar energy production, the delegation visited Tropical Butterfly Garden. In the afternoon program continued with visit to the facility that produces electric energy from coal gas.

In the evening mayors joined to “734. Vuslat Yıldönümü Whirling Dervishes Event” hosted by Konya city every year with a huge organization. The second day of the program passed with historical and cultural tour of Konya and after that the group flight to Istanbul

ISKI and TDBB were Visited

In the headquarter of Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI) which is the first stop of third day of program, Deputy Director General Alisan Koyuncu welcomed the guests and Head of Foreign Affairs Faruk Saadet and Head of Electric Mechanic Department Senol Arslan made presentation on “ISKI Project of Solar Power and Wind Power Plants.” After the presentation delegation asked questions about issues they wonder and consulted on water and sewage management problems. After the program the group visited TDBB Headquarter and met with Secretary General Fahri Solak. Mayor of Komrad Serghei Anastov expressed his appreciation of being in Turkey, underlined the benefits of the program for them and stated their request to TDBB for being a bridge on brotherhood. After the meeting, the guests visited Panorama 1453 Museum and Turkic World Culture Houses.

Operations of ISFALT were Examined

On the fourth day of program, the delegation visited ISFALT and Head of R&D Yunus Tastan made a presentation on “Asphalt Operations of Local Governments. Then, the guests went laboratory and were informed about structure of asphalt, manufacturing materials and production process. After the laboratory, participants visited Umraniye factory and took information about capacity and operation process of the factory and completed the day.

Maltepe and Pendik Municipalities were Visited

On the last day of training program, Friday 16th of December, delegation visited Maltepe Municipality which is sister city of Komrad and met with Mayor Ali Kilic in Turkan Saylan Cultural Center and listened the presentations on “Environment Management” “Ecologic Parks,” “Urban Renovation” and “Green Buildings” from department managers Dr. Eren Yildiz-Geyhan, Sura Guven, Esra Topkaya and Evren Altuntas. Program continued with visit to Pendik Municipality. Mayor of Pendik Municipality Dr. Kenan Sahin welcomed the guests, remarked his appreciation of hosting them and wished especially the sister city relations will develop. After the visit, program finished with the presentation on “Reduction of Domestic Energy Consumption and Conscious of Clean Energy: Example of Pendik”.

Meeting of Sister Cities and Certificate Ceremony Held in Pendik

After one week program, Sister City Meeting gathered Gagauzian Mayors and sister city mayors on the purpose of developing their relations and opinion exchange. In the opening of program, Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak gave information about the activities and aims of Union and underlined that as TDBB, they gave special importance on sister city relations. Deputy Mayor of Pendik Municipality Cevat Yaman expressed that they were honored to host the guests and they wanted to improve the relations with their sister city Komrad Municipality. Mayor of Meric (Edirne) Nihat Yoruk, Deputy Mayor of Izmit (Kocaeli) Ibrahim Bulut, Mayor of Taskopru (Yalova) Nedret Gulen, Member of City Parliament of Buyukkaristiran (Kirklareli) Fariz Demir, Head of Foreign Affairs of Kecioren (Ankara) Mustafa Arac and Deputy Mayor Sami Divleli and Head of Foreign affairs Omer Faruk Karadeniz from hosting municipality Pendik also attended the meeting.

One week program finished after certificate ceremony and family photo.