On Friday 25.th of November 2016, delegation of mayors from Bosnia and Herzegovina visited Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB).

Consul-General of Bosnia and Herzegovina Began Muhic, Mayor of Srebrenik municipality Nihad Omerovic, Mayor of Zivinice municipality Samir Kamenjakovic and their associates attended the meeting.

Membership Application from Srebrenik Municipality

During the visit of TDBB, Mayor of Srebrenik Municipality applied for membership and underlined that Union need to bring together members of TDBB, who have sister cities, to improve their relations, and also that beside municipal work we need to bring about concrete project in culture and educations projects.

Mayor of Srebrenik municipality Nihad Omerovic brings greetings from Bosnia and said that is meaningful and useful visit and continued:”This day is important to us because we have applied for membership in TDBB. I hope so that we will make concrete projects. With TDBB we will improve our sister cities relationships. Also with support of TDBB we will be glad if you arrange connection with commerce and industry cities like Konya and Kayseri. It will also be beneficial for economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina and for economy of Turkey. Bringing together businessmen form twin cities will be beneficial for commerce. Thank you for your interest and relevance” said.

Sister City Request from Zivinice Municipality

Mayor of Zivinice Municipality Samir Kamenjakovic: “we are here to improve our relations. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation because of your support to our school delegation which have visited Turkey last month. That group saw your culture, way of living and education system in that visit. We are people of same culture with Turkey. We want to make cooperation on all fields especially I want to give importance to students, young businessmen because this is our long term investment in future. We witnesses that TDBB gives importance for young people. We would like to establish sister cities relations. For example Zivinice Municipality don’t have sister city in Turkey. We are asking from TDBB to find us some appropriate municipality from Turkey. Also we would like to find municipality from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries and we are demand it from TDBB” said.

Istanbul Consul-general Began Muhic: “Relations with Turkey is very important to us. As Consulate-General of Bosnia and Herzegovina we would like to improve our relations on different fields. We are planning to bring together businessmen from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey. We had meeting with The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO), we explained on which field we are interested. And, of course, for us is important TDBB presence in this project” said.

Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak expressed his satisfaction because of the visit and continued: “I congratulate new elected mayors. I hope so that next four years will be productive for Bosnia and Herzegovina and our Union. Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the countries who have the closer relations with TDBB. We have signed agreement on cooperation within the project contraction of the Bridge between Doboj and Doboj-Istok. In cooperation with EMMAUS Association we will in three months finished construction of two bungalows. Now we have 18 members from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We hope that that number will increase. We are happy because of membership application from Srebrenik Municipality. Beside municipal work we support social, cultural and education activities. Our Turkish class cabinet furnishing project in 14 schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina is continuing. We try to support this and suchlike projects. TDBB is international institution founded for cooperation. We will be glad to be part of your projects in all fields”, said.