2016 Evaluation Meeting of High Advisory Board of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) was made in Union Headquarters on November 16, 2016.

The Meeting was attended by Advisory Board Members who are Prof. Osman Horata (Hacettepe University Faculty Member), Prof. Rahmi Deniz Özbay (Marmara University Faculty Member), Dr. Özgen Keskin (Author-Former Mayor of Yıldırım Municipality), Prof. A. Burcin Yereli (Hacettepe University Faculty Member), Murat Aydın (Deputy President of TDBB and also Mayor of Zeytinburnu) and Fahri Solak (Secretary General of TDBB).

The Meeting started with the presentation of the activities that took place in 2016 and of the activities that are planned to be carried out in the coming year, and continued with the discussion of the topics on the agenda. In the meeting the pleasure for TDBB’s gradual institutionalization was stated and the evaluation of year 2016 was made.

In the meeting, expert training programs, information and experience sharing programs, sister city meetings, abroad and domestic visits, social, cultural events and fairs, new memberships, member municipality summits, new publications of TDBB were expressed in the presentation to the High Advisory Board members.

Besides, for year 2016, the members exchanged ideas about topics like carrying out studies and publications for improving relations between Uzbekistan municipalities by remarking the importance of visit of President Erdogan to Uzbekistan.

Candidates of Postgraduate Support Program were Interviewed

In the meeting the candidates who are students in the master or postgraduate programs of universities in Turkey and writing dissertations on “Turkic World and Relative Communities and Urban Studies” were interviewed. It was decides to notify the approved names to TDBB Administrative Board.