The fourth issue (Fall 2016) of the periodical “Local Agenda in Eurasia”, which is prepared as a quarterly Activity Bulletin of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), was published.

The cover stories of the fourth issue are news on “Turkish World Documentary Film Festival and Competition Award Ceremony”, 100.000 TL Contribution to “Solidarity Campaign for July 15 Martyrs’ Families and Veterans” and opening of “TDBB Local Governments and Urbanism Special Library”.

Other subjects that take place in this issue are 17th Golden Saffron Documentary Film Festival, 2nd World Nomad Games, Romanian Educators’ Istanbul Program, TDBB Support to Bosnia and Herzegovina Doboj Friendship Bridge, TDBB Visit of Mayor of Comrat Serghei Anastasov, Solidarity Visit of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mayors to TDBB, Solidarity Visit of Lebanon Union of Dannieh Municipalities to TDBB and re-publication of Ahmet Yasawi’s Divan-ı Hikmet by TDBB.

In addition in the bulletin, where the supported activities and events made in cooperation, TDBB Administrative Meetings and news about our Member Municipalities also take place, there are English and Russian summaries for our members and readers in other countries.

The subject of the travel writing in this issue is the capital city of Hungary, Budapest, which has an important place in Turkish history. Budapest, where Tuna river- the one which was written songs for its beauty- passes in the middle, the hometown for different cultures for centuries and also the witness of the most exciting scenes of World history, is presented to the readers by TDBB Foreign Relations Expert Sabiha Tuğba Ekşi.


Local Agenda in Eurasia No 4