Mayor of Buzim Municipality of Bosnia and Herzegovina Agan Bunic and his delegation visited Altınova Municipality on 10 November 2016 and examined the district.

Mayor of Bosnia and Herzegovina Buzim Municipality, also the sister city of Altınova Municipality, Agan Bunic thanked to Turkey and Altınova Municipality for the investments and supports in Buzim.

The guest mayor Bunic stated that Turkey has had great investments and aid activities in Bosnia and added, “We have relations for years. Mayor of Altınova supported us so much. We have a rooted friendship and we want it to last for a long time. It doesn’t matter who is on my place, we believe that Altınova and Turkey will continue to support and embrace Bosnia. We will never let our friendship, cooperation and union be harmed. The carpets of Çivisiz Mosque (Old Mosque), which is among the Ottoman Period pieces and which has been renovated by Turkey, have been provided by Altınova Municipality. Besides, the construction of Islamic Cultural Center was supported by Altınova Municipality and businessmen from Altınova. Altınova has been tool for the providence of many important works in Bosnia. I thank to the Mayor and his team and invite them to the opening ceremony of Islamic Cultural Center.”

Talking during the visit, President of Buzim Islamic Union Association Eniz Veladzic said, “Almost every citizen living in Buzim is Muslim. Buzim is number one in Balkan countries about this issue. All children learn religious issues at school. We brought the greetings of Buzim community to Mayor Oral and our brothers in Altınova. Our greatest supporter is Turkey. Our brotherhood will continue forever. We will become stronger when you come to the opening ceremony of Islamic Cultural Ceremony.”

Mayor Oral added to the speeches of the guests that “I thank to Agan Bunic and his delegation that come from our sister city Bosnia and Herzegovina Buzim for their contributions of Ottoman Çivisiz Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center. We are honored to welcome them in our district. I also thank to the shipyard investors for their support in Buzim.”

The Bosnian delegation made multiple visits in the districts and examined the activities on site.