Organized by Yunusemre Municipality and supported by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), “2nd International Yunus Emre Days” event took place in Yunusemre district of Manisa, between 10 and 15 October 2016.

Within the event, a symposium was organized on Yunus Emre’s thought, philosophy and world perspective. The symposium, which was participated by faculty members from Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Romania and Turkmenistan as speakers, was attended by Governor of Manisa Mustafa Hakan Güvençer, Mayor of Yunusemre Mehmet Çerçi, District Governor of Şehzadeler İsmail Çorumluoğlu and Deputy Mayors of Yunusemre Municipality, meanwhile the gala dinner organized in Manisa Arena within the framework of the organization was joined by Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Faruk Çelik, Manisa PMs of AK Party who are Murat Baybatur, Recai Berber and İsmail Bilen, and many other guests.

“2nd International Yunus Emre Days” event was held in an enthusiastic mood. During the one-week organization, national and international guests were welcomed in Manisa. The event started with the opening of exhibitions; also a symposium was organized to discuss the life and principles of Yunus Emre and also his love for Allah and human beings, by expert academicians. The Final Program of Yunus Emre Days was dedicated to July 15 Democracy Martyrs.

Thanking the residents of Manisa who have been always with them through the organizations and also everybody who has contributed to the program, Mayor of Yunusemre Dr. Mehmet Çerçi stated that they focus to turn Yunus Emre Days event into a traditional one. He added, “We have completed the second Yunus Emre Days event. The artists and also local and international scholars have contributed much to the program. From the first day, there were made artistic studies; exhibitions were opened and ashura (Noah’s puding) was distributed. The gala dinner on Friday was attended by Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Faruk Çelik. I thank him for his visit. I believe that in the coming years the life of Yunus Emre will be understood better. We will have better activities for the presentation of Yunus Emre to the community. We will make a study about Yunus Emre for UNESCO’s taking him to the world heritage. We plan to organize novel, story and short film competitions. The presentations made during the academic studies will be published soon as proceedings book.”

Governor of Manisa Mustafa Hakan Güvençer drew attention to the fact that the thought of Yunus Emre is the constituent of Turkish community and added, “If you take this constituent out, there will be a great gap in the society. Today we still use the values and thought of Yunus Emre in our daily life.”

Meeting with Manisa residents in the gala dinner, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Faruk Çelik thanked everyone who contributed to this meaningful organization. Minister Çelik said, “I congratulate Mayor of Yunusemre Mehmet Çerçi. He conducts a very important and unique event. Yunus Emre is a great philosopher who influenced not only Turkey but whole world. It is very important to commemorate Yunus Emre in Manisa and to hand down his principles to the next generations.”

The closing ceremony organized by Yunusemre Municipality crowned the International Yunus Emre Days. In the ceremony organized at the last day of the event Yesevi Group, composed of artists coming from 11 Turkic Republics and Communities, brought the national feelings to the forefront; after the interview with theologian Nihat Hatipoğlu and artist Esat Kabaklı and poet Dursun Ali Erzincanlı’s taking stage, the event was completed.