Within the scope of “Stationary Aid” Project, Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Zeytinburnu Municipality where lots of Turkistani families like Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Afghan live in, delivered jointly stationary checks to needed students in the district.

With the “Stationary Aid” Project in cooperation with TDBB and Zeytinburnu Municipality, checks (30 TL) were delivered to the approximately 20 thousand students from second, third and fourth grade students of 13 schools in the district. By these checks educational needs of students were supported and also the budgets of low-income families were contributed.

In the project, checks which have serial numbers for each student were rendered to different school every day. Through those serial numbers, students can shop from contracted stationary shops with their id cards. This project put a smile on the faces of especially low-income families.

Sociologist Sultan Cekici officer in Social Affairs Department of Zeytinburnu Municipality remarked that the checks were given all the students in primary schools and said “Those checks were delivered to approximately 20 thousand students in 13 schools in our district. You can see the names of contracted stationary shops on the checks. By the checks, students can go to the shops with their families and buy essential materials. We give these checks without any discrimination. Last year, we delivered checks to 18 thousand students. Our goal is supporting education and help to the low-income families”.