“Brand City Bolu and 4th International Köroğlu Festival”, organized by Bolu Municipality which is the member of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), and also supported by TDBB, was held in Bolu between 10 and 12 October 2016.

Within the festival, “Köroğlu Statue and Base Building Design Contest”, painting contest on “Köroğlu” and “Bolu”, the opening of “Köroğlu Authorship School” for the authors and poets of the future, “Köroğlu Race” and “6th International Köroğlu Symposium” took place for the national and international introduction of Köroğlu, the common historical and cultural value of Turkish World.

In ‘Köroğlu Statue and Base Building International Design Contest’ award ceremony, organized in Gölköy Campus of Abant Izzet Baysal University (AİBÜ), the work by Architect Yedil Tussibbekov and Sculptor Murat Mansurov from Kazakhstan won the first award while the piece of Architect İbrahim Bakır and Sculptor Murat Oğuz from Turkey got the second award and Architect Abdukakhor Turdiv and Sculptor Tulyagan Tadjıkhodjaev’s design from Uzbekistan had the third prize.

Whereas the first award in the painting contest on “Köroğlu” and “Bolu” was received by 17 years old Hana Nur from Somalia with her work “Köroğlu”, Köroğlu Race in Ankara 75. Yıl Hippodrome was won by jockey Halis Karataş.

6th International Köroğlu Symposium

“6th International Köroğlu Symposium”, organized by Governorate of Bolu, Bolu Municipality and AİBÜ within 4th International Köroğlu Festival, was held between 10 and 11 October 2016.

The symposium was attended by Mayor of Bolu Alaaddin Yılmaz, Governor of Bolu Aydın Baruş, Rector of AİBÜ Prof. Dr. Hayri Coşkun, Founding Director of Ege University Turkish World Studies Institute Prof. Dr. Fikret Türkmen, Director of Ege University Turkish World Studies Institute Prof. Dr. Metin Ekici, President of Turkish National Commission For UNESCO Prof. Dr. Öcal Oğuz, Prof. Dr. Şakir İbrayev from Kazakhstan Eurasian National University, Prof. Dr. Ramazan Qafarlı from Azerbaijan National Sciences Academy, Kazakhstan Representative of TURKSOY Assoc. Prof. Dr. Askar Turganbayev and many other academicians from different countries of Turkish World.

Talking in the opening ceremony of the symposium, Mayor of Bolu Alaaddin Yılmaz stated that Köroğlu is different from western civilization epic heroes and added, “This hero is the hero of our civilization. Köroğlu also stands with the suppressed and against the oppressor; takes from the wealthy and gives to the needy but in addition to this, he sings wise poetry with his instrument. We have to introduce him to the world very well.”

On the other hand, Governor of Bolu Aydın Baruş underlined the fact that Köroğlu is one of the precious objects of our cultural treasures and added, “He is not just Bolu’s but also whole Turkish World’s, cultural geography’s and humanity’s common value. Köroğlu is a wise person who speaks on the fundamental values of the humanity. We find ourselves and our common values in his plain but wise-filled poetry.”

While talking in the meeting Rector of AİBÜ Prof. Dr. Hayri Coşkun said, “It is important to remember Köroğlu as the common hero and cultural heritage of Turkish World and also other Turkish World epic heroes in this symposium one more time. I thank to the dear participants and scientific community who honored this symposium with their contribution to the presentation of common heroes of Turkish World to the next generation.”

Kazakhstan Representative of TURKSOY Assoc. Prof. Dr. Askar Turganbayev pointed out that Köroğlu is important not just for Turkey but also Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Turkish World, and touched on the importance of the contribution of scholars in the symposium to the introduction of Köroğlu and other Turkish World epic heroes.

As for President of Turkish National Commission For UNESCO Prof. Dr. Öcal Oğuz, he expressed that there are many common benefits and points in Turkish World on political, historical, financial and cultural areas and there should be built a consensus on these areas; he pointed out that Köroğlu is common cultural heritage of both Turkish World and humanity.

Symposium was completed with the presentation of plaques after the opening speeches and sessions.