“Turkish World Documentary Film Festival and Competition Award Ceremony” was performed in Zeytinburnu Culture and Art Center on 8 October 2016, hosted by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Zeytinburnu Municipality.

“Turkish World Documentary Film Festival and Competition” Award Ceremony, which was also supported by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and organized cooperatively by many institutions like World Federation of Journalists, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Anadolu Agency and TRT, was attended by Deputy Secretary of Culture and Tourism Ministry Nihat Gül, Director and Vice President of Confederation of Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic Countries Film-Makers Union Hocakulu Narlıyev (Turkmenistan), MP of Kyrgyzstan Sadık Şer-Niyaz, MP of Azerbaijan and President of Press Council Eflatun Amaşov, Mayor of Zeytinburnu Murat Aydın, Mayor of Safranbolu Necdet Aksoy, Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak, President of World Federation of Journalists Menderes Demir, Jury Members of the Festival former Deputy Director General of TRT Zeynel Koç and Istanbul Director of TRT Abdülhamit Avşar, Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University Dean of Communication Faculty Hamza Çakır, Term President of Turkish World Journalists Platform Yılmaz Karaca and many other guests.

Talking in the award ceremony, President of World Federation of Journalists Menderes Demir stated that the idea of festival came out in Turkish World Journalists Council in Tatarstan. He added, “While we were thinking about gathering the media members and journalists together in Kazan to transfer their experience each other and to contribute Turkish culture in the countries we live in, we decided to organize a festival considering the importance of documentaries. The festival, organized in the aim of introducing common Turkish cultural heritage to Turkish World and world, was organized in 7 Turkic Republics, autonomous regions and related communities, and the event was applied by 60 films from 16 countries”.

TDBB was always with us

In his speech, Demir said, “When we started the preparations as federation, TDBB was always with us. In fact while doing these preparations President of TDBB İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu and Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak were everywhere in Turkish geography; here we see them virtually with us. On behalf of World Federation of Journalists, I thank to the administration of TDBB for hosting the award ceremony in Istanbul.”

On the other hand Deputy Secretary of Culture and Tourism Ministry Nihat Gül said, “We are the children of great Turkish civilization. Our priorities are to protect this civilization and traditions and to transfer to the next generation. So we have to use every kind of tools for this; cinema is one of them and it is one of the most important mass communication tools of our time. Therefore I thank everyone who contributes to the preparations of the festival and I celebrate the winners”.

Mayor of Zeytinburnu and Vice President of TDBB Murat Aydın stated his honor to be hosting the award ceremony and added, “We are breaking new ground in Zeytinburnu. Demographically, Zeytinburnu is a small profile city of Turkish World.”

Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak underlined the fact that this year is the 25th anniversary of the independence of Turkic Republics and continued, “Until this time, different film screenings took place about Turkish World but a well-coordinated festival has been organized for the first time, that’s why this festival is important. TDBB is an institution which both takes active role in local governing area and also supports cultural projects in this geography. Within this context, as TDBB, we are happy to be one of the main supporters and organizers of this festival. I hope this festival becomes more institutionalized in the coming years and continues with a broader perspective. It is in itself important to gather Turkish common culture and heritage in the framework of a festival, to record these with short and long documentaries, to record the memory and to introduce them to the audience in different countries and cities. I thank all the participants and cooperative institutions.”

Head of Festival Jury, Turkmen director Hocakulu Narlıyev said, “I am Turkmen and happy to be here. The increase in these festivals will lead us to create bonds between us. In the old times our nation came together in our land with our nice geography and communicated. Communication was our spiritual side. With the films in this festival we see the history, background and problems of old Turkish culture.”

First Prize goes to Kyrgyz Director

After the speeches, the ranking films were announced and the directors were presented their awards. Accordingly, “Göç” (Migration) documentary of Kyrgyz director Artıkpay Süyündükov won the first prize; “Ben Hakkas” (Me, Khakasian) by Khakasian director Yuriy Kuroçka were given the second prize and “Shunu Gelecek” by Tatar director Salavat Yuzeev took the third prize. Meanwhile the mention winners of the competition were “Misafir” (Guest) of Ahmet Bikiç from Turkey, “Avrupa’daki Türk Soluğu Gagauzlar” (Gagauz Turks in Europe) of Ivanna Köksal from Gagauzia and “Bozkırın Çocukları” (Children of the Plateau) of Oğuzhan Koç from Turkey.

Director Servet Somuncuoğlu Special Award, who died of sudden heart attack in 2013, was presented by deceased director’s wife Nevin Somuncuoğlu to Azeri director Rodion İsmailov for his “Baba Ocağı” (Home) documentary. Turkish World Special Award went to “Sarı Oy” (Yellow Vote) of Kyrgyz director Adilet Karcoev and Jury Special Award to “Müsahip” (Companion) of Turkish director Eren Pektaş.

In the ceremony Satin Dobrina, famous komuz artist whose life story was used in “Suhunu Will Come” documentary, gave a mini concert.

Awarded documentaries will be watched in the coming days with special screening in Niğde Ömer Halis Demir University, TRNC Nicosia, Baku Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan Almaty.

For Award Ceremony program click here.