Member of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Maltepe Municipality organized Gagauz Turks Culture and Arts Festival. A group of 40 people coming from Gagauzia with the support of Maltepe Municipality performed dance and folklore shows with their traditional clothes and introduced their local cuisine.

The two-day festival was attended by Mayor of Maltepe Ali Kılıç, Mayor of Yalova Taşköprü Nedret Gülen, Gagauzia Minister of Culture and Tourism Vasilisa Petroviç, and Mayor of Komrat, Capital of Gagauz Autonomous Region, Serghei Anastasov.

In the opening speech of the festival, Mayor of Maltepe Ali Kılıç said, “Tonight we are in Maltepe Beşçeşmeler Square. Maltepe Beşçeşmeler Square has a history of 500 years. Many cultural and artistic activities were made here. Tonight we have guests from Gagauzia. We are organizing a two-day festival on Gagauz Culture in Maltepe Beşçeşmeler Square. The residents in Maltepe are open to all kinds of people, cultures and beliefs. Last year we organized Iran cultural days, Bosnia cultural days, Nazım Hikmet cultural days, Germany cultural days and France cultural days. This year we are organizing Gagauz cultural days. After this, we will come together as Maltepe residents in other activities.”

On the other hand, Gagauzia Minister of Culture and Tourism Vasilisa Petroviç mentioned warm loves and regards from Moldova and added, “We walked with you on a road. We stayed at Altai region. We went to Balkans and then to Bessarabia. We established our own state, own order. Today I am very happy to be with you. We protected our own culture. We thank to Mayor of Maltepe Dear Ali Kılıç. If he wasn’t here, we wouldn’t be here.” Member of TDBB Mayor of Yalova Taşköprü Ndret Gülen thanked Mayor Ali Kılıç for their support and hospitality.