Union of Turkish World Municipalities keeps on supporting activities about our common cultural values. Within the scope of these activities, TDBB supported 506th Ajvatovica Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina between May 6 and 29.

Second Day of “TDBB Eurasia Local Authorities Summit” delegates from 11 countries and more than 120 local authorities’ representatives came to Prusac to participate to Ajvatovica closing ceremony.

During Ajvatovica Festival, which is the most far-reaching Islamic Festival of Europe and which is celebrated since the presence of Ottomans in Balkans (except for the period between 1947 and 1990) in the memory of Ajvaz Dedo, an Anatolian Saint who, according to the legend, worshipped for 40 days for the cracking of the rock preventing Prusac village’s water, approximately 100.000 people (in the closing ceremony between 20 and 30.000) are hosted from Bosnia and Herzegovina and nearby geography.

The Festival, in which 90 activities like scientific forum, conference, book launch, artistic exhibitions, sports competitions, traditional mounted troops, folk dances take place, is organized by 13 Municipalities and Chief Mufti of Travnik (Travnik, Bugojno, Jajce, Busovača, Donji Vakuf, Novi Travnik,Vitez, Livno, Duvno, Prnjavor, Zenica ve Prusac).

In accordance with the request of Travnik Municipality TDBB Administrative Board decided to provide financial support to 506th Ajvatovica Festival in which Turkish Janissary Band, Religious Affairs Chorus, Bursa Whirling Dervish Group, Scouting and Guiding Federation of Turkey took place.