The Expert Training Program “Press Services and Public Relations in Local Governments”, organized cooperatively by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Anadolu Agency (AA), TIKA and Eyüp Municipality between 24 and 30 April 2016 with the participation of 20 local government experts from 9 different countries, was held in Istanbul.

The expert program, in which Panorama 1453 Museum, Turkish World Culture Houses, Miniaturk, Basilica Cistern and Blue Mosque were visited on 25 April 2016, started with the Opening Ceremony on 26 April 2016 in TDBB Headquarters with the participation of 20 experts of TDBB member municipalities, which are of Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kyrgyzstan, TRNC, Kosovo, Macedonia, Mongolia and Somalia.

Opening Ceremony

Talking in the opening ceremony, Secretary General of TDBB stated that the Union organizes these kinds of programs in almost every month, and that the subjects of the training programs are determined according to the needs of member municipalities. Solak also underlined the fact that the theme of the program as “Press Services and Public Relations in Local Governments” is one of the most important subjects of recent times, and he also pointed out the importance of traditional and social media on presenting local governments’ services to the society. He stressed on the importance of having cooperation with AA in this program and added, “Anadolu Agency has a 100-year history and experience. I thank to the authorities of TIKA and AA for their cooperation.”

Talking in the opening ceremony, AA News Academy Vice-Coordinator Hayri Çetinkuş stated his gladness for hosting many participants coming from different countries and said, “You can see, by Republic of Turkey in general and by our institutions in private, that we show solidarity to our brother and relative communities in all geographic regions, especially Balkans, Middle East and Central Asia.”

Later on Chief Editor Vugar Jafarov on behalf of Azerbaijan, Secretary General Milos Bukejlovic on behalf of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Advisor of Public Relations Marija Krivokapic on behalf of Montenegro, Expert Director Kalperizat Aidarbekova on behalf of Kyrgyzstan, Head of Public Relations and Press Department Özder Fidaner on behalf of TRNC, Director of Press Sencar Karamuco on behalf of Kosovo, Advisor of Mayor Iva Nikoloska on behalf of Macedonia, Public Relations Expert Uranbaatar Dagvabazar on behalf of Mongolia and Director of Public Relations Department Abdikadir Abdinur Mohamed on behalf of Somalia made their greeting speeches and stated their gladness for attending the program.

After the opening ceremony, the first seminar in TDBB Training Hall was made by Faculty Member of Marmara University Dr. Yenal Göksun on “Main News Writing Techniques”. On the same day, Fatih İnce and Ömer Faruk Özcan from Marmara Media Center made their presentation on “Press Follow-Up and Photography in Local Governments” which closed the first day of the seminar days.  The second day started with the seminar of AA America Regional Editorial Director and Photojournalist Muhammed El Shamy on “Basic News Photography Techniques” and after the seminar, the participants visited AA Istanbul District Office. In the office AA Director of Marketing and Sales Nedim Kaya made a presentation on “Business Development Strategies in AA”; the program of the second day ended with dinner.

“Redbud themed Istanbul Photos” Shooting Organization

The participants started the third day with the seminar of Yıldız Technical University Faculty Member of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty Assoc. Prof. Dr. Turhan Erkmen on “Public Relations in Local Governments” and continued the program with Bosporus tour for “Redbud themed Istanbul Photos” shooting in which they had the opportunity to practice what they had learnt until then. On the fourth day of the program, the participants attended the seminar of Executive Editor of Lacivert Magazine Meryem İlayda on “Digital Journalism and Media” and after the seminar, they visited Eyüp Municipality to be informed about the activities and attended to Closing and Certificate Ceremony.

Closing and Certificate Ceremony

The closing ceremony hosted by Eyüp Municipality in Ensari Konağı Restaurant was attended by Mayor of Eyüp Remzi Aydın, Vice President of TDBB and also Mayor of Keçiören Mustafa Ak, Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak and AA News Academy Vice Coordinator Hayri Çetinkuş. Speaking in the program, Mayor of Eyüp Remzi Aydın briefed about the projects and social media activities of the municipality. On the other hand, Mayor of Keçiören and Vice President of TDBB Mustafa Ak stated that TDBB has members from 28 different countries and added, “The mission of TDBB includes experience and project sharing of mayors, in addition to expert training. Within this context we are very happy to be with you with this training program.” Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak said that 20 participants from 9 different countries attended the one-week program. He pointed out that different cultures have come together in this period and added, “There are ten different flags on the table. This shows that different cultures can live and cooperate together”. He congratulated the participants and thanked to TIKA, AA, and Eyüp Municipality for their cooperation in the training program. Taking the floor after Solak, AA News Academy Vice Coordinator Hayri Çetinkuş stated his gladness for hosting many participants from different countries and wished them to experience positive effects on their careers with the training they had.

After the speeches in which the participants also stated their happiness, the participants were presented their Participation Certificates. After the ceremony the program was completed.