The first issue of our periodical Local Agenda in Eurasia (Avrasya’da Yerel Gündem), which was prepared as an Activity Bulletin of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), has been published.

In our bulletin which is planned to be published quarterly, there are activities which Union of Turkish World Municipalities organizes, supports or attends; besides, there is also activity news of our member municipalities that make organizations for brother countries particularly in Turkish World, and also informative contents on our common cultural heritage.

The cover stories of the first issue of January-March 2016 appear as the acceptance of TDBB Administrative Board Members by the President of Republic of Turkey, the Official Visit to Mongolia and 4th Ordinary General Meeting.

In the first issue of the bulletin, there are also Information and Experience Sharing Programs, Expert Training Programs, organized or supported national and international cultural activities by the Union, in addition to information about the books recently published by TDBB and the organizations and activities that our members perform cooperatively with TDBB’s other members in Turkish World, Relative Communities and other countries.

Including English and Russian news summaries, “Avrasya’da Yerel Gündem” aims to inform over 1.100 international members from 28 countries about TDBB’s organizations, programs and publications.