Union of Turkish World Municipalities’ (TDBB) Member of Board of Supervisors Mayor of Altınova Dr. Metin Oral and the delegation of Altınova Municipality Council Members Fevzi Arıcı, Birol Bayram, Mustafa Sarıgül, former Council Member Halil Çorbacı and Altınova Municipality Social Affairs Director Hakan Beykoz visited Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo between 254 and 28 February 2016.

At first, Oral visited one of its sister municipalities, Mayor of Skopje Studenican Azem Sadiki and paid his condolences for the loss of his father. Mayor of Studenican Azem Sadiki stated his gladness for the visit and said, “I am very honored for your visit. It is very important for me and for my family. I thank to Mayor of our sister municipality Metin Oral and his colleagues. Our cooperation and friendship will continue in the future”

Within the concept of visit Dr. Oral and his delegation visited the historical mosques in Skopje Studenican; were briefed about the construction of Skopje Mustafa Pasha Mosque, which is similar to Altınova Hersekzade Ahmet Pasha Mosque with its architecture, and Tetovo Abdurrahman Pasha (Alaca) Mosque, accompanied by Mayor Azem Sadiki.

Sister City Protocol was signed

During the visit, Mayor of Altınova Dr. Metin Oral and Mayor of Jupa Ariyan İbraim met and signed sister city protocol. After the signature ceremony, two mayors discussed future projects of both municipalities.

Besides, the delegation visited the schools in Jupa of Macedonia and came together with school directors and students.

Altınova Municipality delegation also visited Hafiz Ahmet Efendi’s house, the place where the father of Atatürk-Ali Rıza Efendi- lived and which was restored by TIKA (Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency) in Kocacık Village of Jupa Municipality. After that, the group went to Ottoman Castle and Martyrdom again in Kocacık Village and prayed for the martyrs.

Kids Festival in Montenegro

Within the concept of his Balkan visits, Mayor of Altınova Dr. Metin Oral went to Montenegro to attend International Kids Festival, organized by Rozaje Municipality.

During the meeting, Oral met with Mayor of Rozaje of Montenegro Eyüp Nurkovic and discussed the future cooperation projects; he also invited his colleague to Altınova Municipality International April 23 Kids Festival.

Visit to Women in Kosovo

Mayor of Altınova Dr. Metin Oral and his delegation visited Kosovo Women’s Beneficial Association, on his next visit in Kosovo within the context of official visits. The delegation met with the President of Kosovo Women’s Beneficial Association Maide Şabani and members of Administrative Board and was briefed about the activities of the institution.

Visit to Turkish Army in Kosovo

Mayor Oral also visited Presidency of Kosovo Turkish Delegation Committee in Prizren. During the visit, President of Kosovo Turkish Delegation Committee Staff Colonel Saim Bağcı, other commanders and soldiers came together with Mayor Oral and the delegation. Staff Colonel Saim Bağcı stated his gladness for the visit and showed great attention to Mayor Oral and Altınova delegation. Staff Colonel showed the photography exhibition in the unit and briefed about the activities in Kosovo to Altınova delegation.