Hands-On Training Program on Cleaning Services organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has started in Samsun with the senior managers from 10 different municipalities of Kyrgyzstan. The delegation consist of 10 participants from Çolponata, Kadamjay, Karabalta, Kant, Karasu, Kerben, Kızılkıya, Şopokov, Oş, Toktogul Municipalities and Kyrgyzstan State Agency of Local Governments and the program will continue between 23 January – 6 February 2016.

The delegation visited governor of Samsun İbrahim Şahin and Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz. During the visit Deputy President of Metropolitan Municipality Parliament Turan Çakır and Director of Social Affairs Necmi Camas also presented.

Director of Kyrgyzstan State Agency of Local Governments Aygül Ahmedova said “We thank you for having us during your busy schedule. We are happy to be in friend and beautiful country Republic of Turkey, Samsun. The relations between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey are really favorable. We are two publics from same nation and religion. We are happy to witness the progress and development of Turkey in last period. Thank you for hosting us.” in her speech.

Governor of Samsun İbrahim Şahin said, “We are glad to see you in Samsun. You chose a very well-functioned city. Samsun is in a very good point on municipal affairs. I congratulate mayor and his team. Samsun is 16th biggest city of Turkey. Our population is 271 thousand. Samsun is the biggest city in Black Sea Region. I would like you to see railway system, coast works and especially sewage system. We are two brother countries. I want to say welcome again and thank you for your visit.” in his speech.

After the delegation from 10 different municipalities of Kyrgyzstan visited Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and hosted by Mayor Yılmaz. During the meeting projects and reasons of successes of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality were talked.

The delegation will observe the services and works of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and districts during 2 weeks and end with the Certificate Ceremony on 5 of February.