Union of Turkish World Municipalities’ (TDBB) January Executive Board Meeting was held in Headquarters of TDBB in Istanbul on 20 January 2016. The Executive Board decided to give support to Master and PhD students who carry on dissertations on local governments and urban studies.

The meeting, under the chairmanship Deputy President of TDBB Mayor of Zeytinburnu Murat Aydın was attended by the Members of Executive Board who are Mayor of Bağcılar Lokman Çağırıcı, Mayor of Beykoz Yücel Çelikbilek, Mayor of Şahinbey Mehmet Tahmazoğlu and Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak.

The meeting started with the briefing of Secretary General Fahri Solak on the present and future activities since the last meeting, and continued with the discussion of the topics on the agenda.

One of the important decisions of Executive Board Meeting was that the students of Master or PhD degree who are enrolled in the universities of Turkey, have passed to dissertation phase and whose dissertation topic is about “Local Governments and Urban Studies in Turkic Republics and Related Communities”, will be supported by TDBB. The details about the support for Graduate Dissertation Studies will be announced on TDBB website and social media accounts.

Besides in the meeting, publication of a quarterly Activity Bulletin “Local Agenda in Eurasia”, organization of “Commemoration Program of Tatar National Poet Abdullah Tukay in his 130th Birthday” in Istanbul, TDBB’s support to “Turkish World’s Common Proverbs and Idioms” Project and Experience Sharing and Training Programs of 2016 were finalized. Preparations about coming Istanbul Nawruz celebrations were also reviewed.

Furthermore it was decided that the preparations for official visits to Azerbaijan and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016 would continue and the membership application of Derince Municipality would be presented in Administrative Board.