“Sari Saltik Bulgaria Meeting”, organized by International Development and Cooperation Association (UKID) in cooperation with Razgrad Djemevi Association and supported by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), was held in Razgrad and Kaliakra between 18 and 20 December 2015. The event, organized for the first time in Bulgaria, was drawn great interest.

Sari Saltik Meetings, organized to commemorate and to understand the life philosophy of Sari Saltik, a famous Turkish Sufi and spirit who is the symbol of love, unity and brotherhood in Balkans, was made in Bulgaria this time.

In the panel organized within the framework of the program, the life and philosophy of Sari Saltik was introduced and the participants were given a music recital. Besides Kaliakra Castle, one of the places the famous Sufi lived and the place that an Islamic monastery was made in the name of the Sufi, was visited; NGOs and official offices were visited.  

In the opening ceremony made on 19 December 2015, President of Razgrad Djemevi Association Veysel Bayram, UKID Administrative Board Member and also Balkans coordinator Abdullah Tatlıcı and Deputy Mayor of Razgrad Erdinç Hasanov spoke and underlined the importance of Sari Saltik.

In the panel directed by Suphi Ramadanov, Prof. Krasimira Mutafova (Veliko Tırnovo University Department of History), Doç. Katerina Venedikova (Bulgaria Academy of Sciences History Research Institute), Prof. Hacı Musa Taşdelen (Sakarya University Faculty of Arts Department of Sociology) and Şefik Kantar (journalist-writer) made presentations on Sari Saltuk.

After the speeches, Halil Çoban and Sadife Kurdova gave a short music recital performing folk poems and the participants ate together as a Sari Saltik meeting tradition.  

On 20 December 2015, Kaliakra region was visited and the place where Sari Saltik lived and later on turned into a monastery in the name of him, was examined. As it is known, in the myth in Saltukname, it is stated that the place where Sari Saltik kills the dragon that harms the people in Dobruja is Kaliakra. It is also known that Kaliakra is the place where Evliya Çelebi stated that he had lived for 8 months; he also states that there was a big monastery that couldn’t survive until recently.    

The program was attended by UKID Administrative Board Members Abdullah Tatlıcı, Ozan Sarıkaya, Fehmi Atay and Prof. Musa Taşdelen, known with his area studies on Sari Saltik and journalist Şefik Kantar, as speakers. Besides, the program was also attended by PM of Bulgaria Ramadan Atalay (Silistra), Ahmet Ahmedov (Razgrad), Hasan Ademov (Razgrad), and Mustafa Ahmet (Kardzhali).