Kyrgyz director, screenwriter and politician Tölömüş Okeyev was commemorated in his 80th birthday in Istanbul on 24 December 2015.

Organized in cooperation with Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Mimar Sinan University (MSGSÜ), Kyrgyzstan Consulate General of Istanbul and TURKSOY, the commemoration meeting was held in MSGSÜ Cinema-TV Center.

In his speech in the meeting, Kyrgyzstan Consul General of Istanbul Renat Tuleberdiev stated that they followed the path opened by Okeyev, who had great contributions to Kyrgyz Art. Pointing out that Tölömüş Okeyev had Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Kyrgyzstan Folk Art Award, Tuleberdiev added: “Okeyev was adored in Kyrgyzstan with his films and he made tens of films and documentary films over 20. Today we commemorate him not only as a Turkish World artist or an Ambassador, but also a proud supporter for the truth. As the first ambassador of Kyrgyzstan in Republic of Turkey, he created diverse bonds between two countries. As a result of the efforts he showed during his ambassadorship, the relationship between two countries keeps on going vigorously.”

On the other hand Muktali Bektenaliyev, the director of Kyrgyzstan State Cinema Department, underlined the fact that Okeyev is an important person not only in Kyrgyzstan but also in Turkish World and added, “The contributions of Tölömüş Okeyev to Kyrgyzstan films and Turkish World film sector are very important. He contributed both Kyrgyz Art and the relations between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey.”

At the end of the event the film of Okeyev “The Sky of our Childhood” was watched and Kyrgyz singer Salamat Sadıkova gave a mini-concert.

Tölömüş Okeyev was born in September 11, 1935 in Kyrgyzstan. Director and screenwriter of many films and also a PM in Kyrgyzstan, Okeyev was the first Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan in Turkey. Also officiated as a juryman in International Moscow Film Festival, Okeyev died in Ankara on December 18, 2001.