The Expert Training Program themed as “Transportation, Public Transportation Network Planning and Parking Area Management in Local Governments”, organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in cooperation with TIKA, between 13 and 19 December 2015 with the participation of 16 local government authorities from 7 different countries, ended.

The program started with the opening session that took place in TDBB Headquarters, with the participation of 16 experts from the related departments of TDBB member municipalities from Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Montenegro and TRNC. After the briefing of Secretary General Fahri Solak on the activities of TDBB and the detailed information of the program, greeting speeches were made and the appreciation felt for the organization was stated by Councilor of Goygol Municipality Araz Hajiev on behalf of Azerbaijan delegates; Senior Advisor of Zenica Municipality Amra Mehmedic on behalf of Bosnia and Herzegovina delegates; Executive Director of Podgorica Municipality Nusret Canovic on behalf of Montenegro delegates; Head of Transport Department of Kyzylorda Region Marat Baimbetov on behalf of Kazakhstan delegates; Chief Specialist of Transport Department of Naryn City Abdylda Ibraev on behalf of Kyrgyzstan delegates; Urbanist of Gönyeli Municipality Merter Refikoğlu on behalf of TRNC delegates; and Public Transport Specialist of Nalaikh Municipality Nazangul Batıı on behalf of Mongolian delegates. After the opening session, the participants made cultural tour in Istanbul; visited Topkapi Cultural Park and 1453 Museum, and then went to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Project Tent to be informed about the on-going and future projects of the Municipality.

On the second day of the program, the delegation visited Istanbul Electric Tram Tunnel (İETT) General Directorate, which was established with the formation of Dersaadet Tram Company in 1869. The group was welcomed by Deputy Director General of İETT, Dr. Hasan Özçelik, and was informed about the history and activities of İETT. During the presentation it was stated that over 6.000 buses serve for a city of 15 million population and that İETT aims to widen its network of service. After taking their gifts, the participants got on Tunnel, an old transportation vehicle, to see the service of İETT on site. After the visit in İETT the group went to İSBAK Inc., where they were welcomed by Deputy Director General Yusuf Tufan Erenay. İSBAK Inc. made presentations on Full Adaptive Traffic Management System (ATAK), Traffic Signal Controller (EXPETRA), and Electronic Detection System (EDS).

On the third day, the delegation visited ULAŞIM Inc., the municipal corporation which is responsible of Public Transportation Rail Systems in Istanbul. First of all, the corporation made presentations on rail systems, signalization systems and passenger information systems and then showed the participants the workshop where the maintenance and repairs of the vehicles are made. After their visit in ULAŞIM Inc., the group went to İSPARK Inc. Here, the group was welcomed by Director General of İSPARK Inc. Nurettin Korkut and was informed about the technological parking lots, boat parking lots, cab stands, call centers and other service areas; besides they asked the questions they had in their mind after the presentation.

On the fourth day of the program, the delegation attended “Transist International Transportation Technologies Symposium and Fair”, organized for the eighth time this year cooperatively by İETT and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. In the fair, where inland and international guests attended, there were booths of all institutions and companies that served for public transportation, metropolitan and district municipalities, universities, and companies that maintain products for sea and railway systems. Besides in the fair there were conferences on Para-transit applications in Urban Transportation and Integrated Transportation Planning for Livable Cities. In addition to this, the group attended UCLG-MEWA’s “Urban Mobility Committee Meeting” to see what different municipalities contributed to the solutions of common problems.

On the last day of the program, in the closing ceremony the participants evaluated the one-week program. They were given their Participation Certificates by Secretary General of TDBB, Fahri Solak and the program ended with giving gifts.