Kyrgyz National Poet Alıkul Osmonov was commemorated in his 100th Birthday with a program prepared in Istanbul. The commemoration program, organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Kyrgyzstan Consulate General in Istanbul, was held with the support of TIKA and Zeytinburnu Municipality.
The commemoration program that took place in Kazlıçeşme Culture and Art Center was attended by Kyrgyzstan Ambassador of Turkey Ibragim Junusov, Kyrgyzstan Consul General in Istanbul Renat Tuleberdiev, MPs of Kyrgyzstan Jıldız Musabekova and Gulkan Moldobekova, and many guests from Kyrgyzstan and Turkey.
The program started with the opening of the exhibition displaying photos on the life of Alıkul Osmonov. After the screening of short film on Alıkul Osmonov’s life Kyrgyzstan Ambassador of Turkey Ibragim Junusov, Kyrgyzstan Consul General in Istanbul Renat Tuleberdiev and Secretary General of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Fahri Solak made speeches on Turkey-Kyrgyzstan relations and Alıkul Osmonov’s place and importance in Kyrgyz Literature in the opening session.
While talking in the opening session, Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak pointed out the importance that TDBB gave to cultural and scientific events and said, “Last year almost in this period we had memorialized Rahmankul Han in his 100th Birthday, now after a year we are commemorating Kyrgyz poet Alıkul Osmonov. Although we give priority to activities on local governments, as TDBB, we are happy to make organizations with brother and sister countries, and to support cultural activities. We thank to our partner and collaborative institutions and organizations.”
After the opening session speeches, the program continued with the mini concert of “Kopuz” instrument and, then the Panel on Alıkul Osmonov.
The Panel, organized for the commemoration of Alıkul Osmonov’s 100th Birthday, was participated by Prof. Gulzura Cumakunova, Prof. Emine Gürsoy Naskali, Prof. Abdıldacan Akmataliev and Prof. Kurmanbek Abakirov.
In the Panel, issues such as the place of Alıkul Osmonov in Kyrgyz Literature, the themes he used in his poems and the place of Kyrgyz Literature in World Literature were discussed and also the poems of Alıkul Osmonov were sang.
The program ended with the presentation of plaques.