The Expert Training Program themed as “Disaster Management, Water Management and Urban Transformation in Local Governments”, organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in cooperation with TIKA and Kechioren Municipality, between 09 and 13 November 2015 with the participation of 13 local governments authorities from Palestine, started with an opening session held in TDBB Headquarters in November 09, 2015.

The opening session of the program, which will last for a week in Istanbul and Ankara, was attended by 13 experts from the related departments of Al Khalil (Hebron) Municipality of Palestine.

After the briefing of Secretary General Fahri Solak on the activities of TDBB and the detailed information of the program, Yousef Zuhier Hamed Alja’Bari, expert engineer from El-Khalil Municipality, extended his thanks to TDBB for this technical organization in Turkey.

The Program will continue in Istanbul and Ankara

After the opening session in Union Headquarters and gift ceremony the participants made cultural tour in Istanbul, visited Topkapı Cultural Park and Panaroma Museum, and then went to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Project Tent to be informed about the on-going and future projects of the Municipality.

In the forthcoming days of the program the participants will have the opportunity to examine the activities of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM), then visit ISKI (Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration) to be informed about Water Management and Waste Treatment Systems. At the same day the group will visit AĞAÇ Inc.-IMM Municipal Corporation- and IMM European Side-Haliç Directorate of Parks and Green Environment, and then they will leave for Ankara.

In Ankara the delegation will visit Kechioren Municipality to be informed about Community Policing, Health Services, Urban Transformation Practices and Infrastructure and Superstructure Services in Municipalities and they will also attend “Eurasia Security and Traffic Fair” in ATO Congress and Fair Center.

The Program will end with a closing ceremony and the presentation of Certificates of Participation on November 13, 2015.