International Symposium “Ottoman Period in Cyprus”, held between 09-11 October 2015 in Nicosia, in cooperation with Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Municipality of Bagcilar and Union of Cyprus Turkish Municipalities, was completed with keen participation. Well-known academicians, historians, journalists and authors coming from different universities of 8 countries shared their knowledge, opinions and remarks about “Ottoman Period in Cyprus”.

In the symposium, followed with great attention by students and people who were interested in the topic, many studies on historical, academic, religious, social, cultural and economic background of Cyprus in Ottoman Period were examined.

Talking in the opening session in Near East University, Vice President of TDBB and also Mayor of Bagcilar Lokman Cagirici expressed his great gladness for organizing such a symposium in TRNC, the northern part of Cyprus- the third greatest island of Mediterranean. In his speech he stated that Cyprus was under the domination of Ottomans for 307 years, living in peace and stability, and added that Ottoman government built fountains, aqueducts, madrasahs and Turkish baths. He laid emphasis on Water Supply Project that brings water to Cyprus from 66 km-length canal, and said, “This project is important for both Turkish and Greeks. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is very important for us. As Union of Turkish World Municipalities we have carried out significant works in the island. Besides as Bagcilar Municipality, we have sister cities.”

Some of the topics that were examined in the symposium which brought many specialists together, were: “Ottomans in Cyprus”, Lala Mustafa Pasha’s Foundations in Cyprus”, “The relations of Mufti Office and Archbishop Office in Ottoman Period”, Cyprus Economy in Ottoman Period”, “Barbarossa Brothers in Cyprus and Algeria and “Egypt and Cyprus Relations in Muhammad Ali Pasha Period”.

In the final declaration announced after the completion of International Symposium that lasted three days in Nicosia, it was stated that historical, cultural, social, economic and demographic structures of Cyprus were examined and it was also decided that further studies would be made on Cyprus in Ottoman Period, that new symposiums would be planned about the topic, that this symposium would be done once in two years and that the presentations and speeches made in the symposium would be published into a book.