The book “Silk Road”, published cooperatively with Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Association of Service to Turkish Culture, TIKA and Yunus Emre Institute, met with the readers.

This important work, edited by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Taşağıl, was contributed by the writings of 25 experts from different universities. This prestige work of 527 pages in Grand size, enriched with visuals like high quality map, photos and graphics, examines The History of Silk Road, Different Countries, Religions, Cultures and Communities in Silk Road and Silk Road’s being a sample for today’s life in separate sections.

In the book, which aims to revive Silk Road that lost its importance as a result of geographical discoveries and the popularity of sea transport, the birth of Silk Road and its historical processes are analyzed thematically from different perspectives.

The book, which seeks to investigate the deep roots of Silk Road and its impacts on humanity and put forward them in “Silk Road Cultural Atlas” as an important contribution to Silk Road studies, will be translated into English in the coming months and introduced to international literature.