Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) published “Azerbaijan in Ottoman Archives” book, which brings light to the historical depth of ‘one nation two states’ Turkey and Azerbaijan relations.

The book, which was created by the evaluation of original documents in Ottoman Archives and which aims to present the historical relation between two countries in the light of documents, is an important work which will serve as a source for local and foreign researchers on Azerbaijan and intellectuals of both countries, with its original document images, texts and historical maps.

In the aforementioned book, the historical process between two countries is handled as main sections like “Azerbaijan before Safavids, Azerbaijan in Safavid Dynasty and Nader Shah Period, Khanates Period in Azerbaijan, Russian presence in Caucasia and Position of  Azerbaijan, October Revolution and Independence Process of Azerbaijan, Soviet Rule in Azerbaijan, Independence of  Azerbaijan”; after the Introduction part where detailed information about Azerbaijan History is given, and a general examination about Ottoman Archive documents is made and the view, transcript and summaries of original documents are presented.