On the centenary of Gallipoli Victory, Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) published ‘Çanakkale Special Edition of Yeni Mecmua Periodical’, which includes the articles and works of important historians, men of letters, journalists, scientists and philosophers of the period.

A source book about ground and sea warfare in Gallipoli, which was originally published in 1918 and re-published by TDBB with both its original Ottoman texts and Turkish transcripts, ‘Çanakkale Special Edition of Yeni Mecmua Periodical’ is important for the epic texts, poems, and articles written through using army archives, in addition to the interviews made with soldiers.

A Careful Preparation and Publication

Although some studies were made about Çanakkale Special Edition of Yeni Mecmua Periodical before, in these studies texts had been published either with their abridged forms or Latinized forms without the original texts. Consequently it is the first time both original text and the transcript Turkish text have taken place in this work, so it has became literally a “facsimile”. Besides, there was no simplification of Ottoman words of the original text into Latin letters, because the texts were so simple and plain for the understanding of every generation, by using a little effort.

Another important point is that the copies of the special edition were found in libraries during research. Among these copies, in the one found in Atatürk Library, there was the photograph of famous German commander Limon von Sanders. In this work, the photograph of von Sanders has been placed in the related page.

During the preparation phase, the photographs in special edition were handled one by one. Some of the photographs, which were faint because of the printing made in hard conditions of the time, were enhanced. Strict attention was paid for the printing paper to remind the reader of the newspaper and periodical paper of the time. Besides, a special Ottoman period style-box was made to protect this prominent work.




A unique edition for Çanakkale…

How was the special edition prepared?

Yeni Mecmua started the preparations of Çanakkale Special Edition after the Battle of Gallipoli in March 18, 1915. At first the aim was to prepare it at the first anniversary of the Victory but the authors who promised to write couldn’t keep their words. Besides, the necessary source for the special edition couldn’t be provided on the desired time. As a result of these reasons, the preparation and publication of special edition could be finished at the end of April and the beginning of May in 1918. The printing of the edition was made in May, a very close period to the end of World War I. As a result of a very hard process, an important work which would transfer the importance and meaning of this victory to next generations came out.

Who owns Yeni Mecmua, which prepared the special edition?

Yeni Mecmua Periodical is a literary, artistic and scientific journal which was published at the last years of Ottoman Empire. Led by Ziya Gökalp, Yeni Mecmua started to be printed in July 12, 1917 in Istanbul on a weekly basis. Its owner and managing director was one of the prominent names of Union and Progress Association, Mehmed Talat (Talat Pasha). After having 66 issues, the journal was terminated on October 26, 1918 after Armistice of Moudros. The journal, which was started to be republished in January 1, 1923 under Falih Rıfkı (Atay) from its 67th issue for semi-monthly periods, couldn’t last more and was terminated completely in December 20, 1923 with its 90th issue.


The name of the periodical was given by Yahya Kemal

Yeni Mecmua had gathered important scientists, philosophers and men of letters, and showed a refined publication in the direction of the phrase “weekly journal on science, art and morality”, under its title. The scientific issues in the journal were handled in a way that everyone could understand clearly. Notably Ziya Gökalp with his articles on sociology, literature, and history, important names like Köprülüzade Mehmed Fuad, Ahmed Refik (Altınay), Necmeddin Sadık (Sadak) are efficient in determining the policy of publication. Yahya Kemal (Beyatlı) supported Gökalp in the preparation process, suggested the name “Mecmua” and Gökalp added “Yeni” to it.

Necip Fazıl Wrote in Yeni Mecmua

On the second period of the periodical, Necip Fazıl published his first poems “Allah”, “Sevgilim”, “Çılgın”, “Kitâbe”, “Yegâne”, “Sarhoş”, “Derbeder”, “Yârin Sesi”.

Ömer Seyfeddin is the one who contributed to the journal most in story category. Afterwards Refik Halit (Karay) provided stories he would later have for “Memleket Hikayeleri”. Hüseyin Rahmi (Gürpınar), Yakup Kadri (Karaosmanoğlu), and Mustafa Nihat (Özön) are other authors who wrote one or a couple stories. While Rauf Yekta and Musa Süreyya made their contributions in music, Mimar Kemaleddin wrote about architectural articles.


Poem of Mehmed V Reşad

Yeni Mecmua Çanakkale Special Edition starts with a very precious literary poem of Mehmed V Reşad, the Ottoman Sultan of the period. Afterwards, writings on Çanakkale sea warfare and the casualty of the enemy, which are still important sources for us, take place in the journal. These articles were written by famous historian also a Çanakkale-born person, Emin Ali. On the other hand ground war writings were created by Kemal Behiç. The stories of brave commanders and soldiers who fought in Çanakkale sea and ground wars were also described in an epical manner. In this sense, army archives were used.

Ebulala Mardin also wrote for Çanakkale

In the special edition, there were Ziya Gökalp, father of Şerif Mardin Ebu’l-a’lâ Mardin, famous female poet Nigar, later to be known as one of the authors of Republic’s first period Raif Necdet KESTELLİ, Hüseyin Suâd YALÇIN, Celal Nuri İLERİ, Hüseyin Ragıb BAYDIR, Mehmet Kazım Nami DURU, Kâzım Şinasi DERSAN, Hakkı Sühâ GEZGİN, Ali Ekrem BOLAYIR and F. Celâleddin (Fahri Göktulga).

Famous journalists also contributed

In Çanakkale Special Edition, famous journalists from both last period of Ottomans and Republic’s like Hakkı Tarık US, Ali Canib YÖNTEM, Ahmed Emin YALMAN, Yunus NADİ, Necmeddin SADAK, Hüseyin Cahid YALÇIN, Selim Sırrı TARCAN, Falih Rıfkı ATAY contributed with their articles and comments.

Çanakkale from Abdurrahman Şeref

Two important historians handled Çanakkale from a historical perspective. One of them was Abdurrahman ŞEREF, who would preside the Second Parliament of Republic and Ahmed Refik (ALTINAY), who is still appreciated today for his historical work.

Poets from Abdülhak Hamid to Yahya Kemal…

There were famous names from poets and authors. Abdülhak Hamid, Yahya Kemal BEYATLI, Halid Fahri OZANSOY, Enis Behiç KORYÜREK and Mehmed Emin YURDAKUL were among the first ones that come into mind… From the authors we can call Midhat Cemal Kuntay, Hüseyin Rahmi Gürpınar, Samipaşazade Sezâi and Tekin Alp.

Special Composition for Çanakkale

Ottoman musicians Rauf Yekta and Musa Süreyya, who are accepted as the founders of modern music in Turkey, took place in this special edition both with their writings and the special composition they created for Çanakkale.

Interviews with the real heroes of the War

The interviews Ruşen Eşref (ÜNAYDIN) made with soldiers and military officers in Çanakkale still carry its freshness and the characteristic of having information about the war at first hand. Especially the interview that was made with Mustafa Kemal Pasha keeps on being a unique source about Atatürk and Çanakkale. At the same time this interview is the first interview of Atatürk that reaches today and that is published in press. Here Atatürk tells about the war that he leads and witnesses day by day. Later on he expresses his thoughts and anecdotes on the war. In this way this work is a very precious one.

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