The Training Program themed as “Public Health and Disadvantaged (Disabled, Elderly) Care in Local Governments”, organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) in cooperation with TIKA, between 24 and 30 May with the participation of 16 local governments authorities from 6 different countries, ended.

The program was attended by 16 local governments’ authorities from 6 countries.

The one-week program in Istanbul was attended by 16 local governments’ authorities from related departments of TDBB member countries Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, TRNC, Mongolia and Romania.

SAĞLIK Inc. and IMM Directorate of Disabled shared their Experience

After the opening of the program and a cultural tour in Istanbul, the participators visited Topkapı Cultural Park and Panorama 1453 Historical Museum, then went to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Project and Contact Tent, and watched a 20 min. introduction film about the on-going activities and future projects of metropolitan municipality. Within the scope of the program the participators visited the Head Office of SAĞLIK Inc. in Kasımpaşa, a municipal corporation of IMM, and were informed about the activities and the projects. The Director of social services stated that SAĞLIK Inc., established in 1998, has activities on public health, environment health and protection, services for disabled, home care services and Istanbul public lavatories, and later on answered the questions of the participants. In the afternoon the delegation visited ISEM Florya Summer Camp for Disabled, coordinated by IMM Directorate of Disabled. Director of Disabled Department Yeliz Yıldız Kökenek indicated that in this facility, constructed on 60.000 square meter, the disabled citizens and their families have the opportunity to make vacation and between May and October almost 5.300 disabled people and their relatives can stay one week for free.

IMM Darülaceze Directorate “Life Houses” and Ümraniye Municipality’s “Social Market Project” were examined

At the third day of the program, the delegation visited IMM Darülaceze Directorate Kayışdağı Facilities and was hosted by Director of Darülaceze Raşit Taşkın. Taşkın briefed about the activities of IMM Darülaceze Directorate and underlined the fact that Darülaceze is an institution established during Ottoman Period and this movement led by Abdul Hamit the Second in 1890s has developed Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality more; now almost 900 elderly people are served nicely by approximately 800 personnel in the campus. After the presentation the delegation visited the elderly living in Darülaceze and was impressed by the products the residents made. After Darülaceze the delegation went to Umraniye Municipality. The delegation was welcomed by Deputy Mayor Serap Eşit Elveren and Director of Social Services Halit Tok in Umraniye Municipality, which became prominent with their social projects for disadvantaged groups, and then visited Hekimbaşı Vocational Center, Umraniye Municipality Social Market and Meal Center to be informed about their activities.

Zeytinburnu Municipality’s “AKDEM”, Bağcılar Municipality’s “Center for Disabled” and Eyüp Municipality’s “Sweet Life Project” were Examined

On the other days of the program, the experts visited three different district municipalities and had the opportunity to examine the sample projects for disabled and disadvantaged groups. At first, they visited Zeytinburnu Municipality’s Family and Women Support and Disabled Center (AKDEM), and were informed about the activities. In addition to the disadvantaged groups the Center also supports family, woman, elderly and other social groups so the delegation examined the activities about integration of those people with  psychological support to families, job opportunities for the disabled, rehabilitation, sports, music, art and other facilities. The delegation then visited Bağcılar Municipality’s Center for the Disabled. The director of the facility Mehmet Emre Soylu stated that the building was opened in 2007 but became active in all branches in 2011; This Center for the Disabled is a model implementation for Turkey. It was witnessed in the center, an expert for social life integration and employment for the disabled, that there are classes for cultural, sports and employment activities in addition to mushroom production. At the last day of the program the delegation visited Sweet Life Project of Eyüp Municipality. Within the scope of this experienced project on disabled employment, the applications about green-house growing and wedding candies for disabled employment were investigated on site. Deputy Mayor Ahmet Turan Kocar, responsible for social services of Eyüp Municipality, briefed the delegation about the social activities of the program.

The experts were presented Certificates of Participation

The Training Program themed as “Public Health and Disadvantaged (Disabled, Elderly) Care in Local Governments” which lasted for a week with the participation of 16 experts from 6 different countries, ended with the presentation of Certificates of Participation on May 29, 2015. The certificates were given by TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak.