Owing to 92nd Birthday of President of Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev, the launching of one of the publications of TDBB, “Türk Dünyası (Turkish World)”, was made in Haydar Aliyev Center on April 20, in a meeting organized with the cooperation of Union of Azerbaijan Municipalities and Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB).

The book, written by one of the members of TDBB High Advisory Board Özgen Keskin, includes various historical and cultural information about Turkish World, and names that are common values for Turkish World like Attila, Dede Qorqut, Cenghis Khan, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and Haydar Aliyev.

In TDBB delegation, who was invited to Azerbaijan for the launching meeting of the book, there were Secretary General Fahri Solak, and members of High Advisory Board Prof. Salih Aynural and Özgen Keskin. The delegation attended to the meeting broadly participated by important authorities like Vice President, Azerbaijan Ministry of Justice, Baku Ambassador of Turkey, representatives of Turkic Republics in Azerbaijan, Members of Parliament, historians and municipal authorities.

The speech of Ali Hasanov, Vice President of Azerbaijan responsible for social and political relations, started with the place and importance of Haydar Aliyev in Azerbaijan history and continued with his underlining on the history and the future of the relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey and the importance of these kinds of works in the development of the relations. In his speech Hasanov stated the developments about 1915 Armenian Events especially in European Parliament, and emphasized that all Turkic Republics should act together against this political decision that destroyed the real history of World War I.

TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak stated that Haydar Aliyev’s “one nation two states” motto is stronger today and he underlined the importance of TDBB’s activities in the enhancement of relations.

In his speech, Özgen Keskin touched on the existence and importance of common historical and cultural values in Turkish World, and he thanked for the interest shown to his book.

In the Ceremony, Director of AMEA History Institute, Member of Parliament, and Academic Member Yaqub Mahmudov, Members of Parliament Arif Rəhimzadə, Elmira Axundova, Nizami Cəfərov, Musa Qasımlı and İrade Hüseynova held the floor and stated the necessity of institutionalization of the union in Turkish World.

The Ceremony ended with the closing and evaluation meeting of Mehdi Selimzade, President of Azerbaijan Ministry of Justice Center of Municipalities.