On 29 April 2015, within the framework of the visit President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnihanov and his delegation paid to Republic of Turkey, “Tatarstan Art Night”, held in ATO Congresium in Ankara with the support of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), members of TDBB Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Keçiören Municipality, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Russian Federation Ankara Embassy, DEİK and TURKSOY, had great attention of the audience.

The most well-known artists, traditional and classical music shows, folk dances and modern dances took place in the program where President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnihanov and also mayors like Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gökçek and Mayor of Keçiören Mustafa Ak, Members of Parliament, senior bureaucrats and many art-lovers in Ankara attended. Before the program, Vice-President of TDBB and also Mayor of Keçiören Mustafa Ak made a speech. Ak said, “Tonight in ‘Tatarstan Art Night’ we will watch precious international artists together. On behalf of Keçiören Municipality, we are very happy to be hosting such kind of an organization. Every year delegations from Tatarstan come for our annual Nawruz celebrations; it is a great joy for us to welcome and host them, and know their culture better.” He reminded that Kazan, capital of Tatarstan, was the Capital of Turkish World in 2014 and he added, “We have showed with this program that municipalities as local governments can contribute to the relations between two countries.”

On the other hand, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gökçek said, “Your Honor President of Tatarstan and dear guests, your are the guests of a Tatar Mayor in Ankara. We have signed a three-year cooperation protocol with sister city Kazan. I hope we will meet more often. Both countries have so much to learn from each other.”

Besides, President of Tatarstan Minnihanov underlined the importance of the amity and cooperation between two countries and wished the guests had an enjoyable night.

The artists coming to Ankara to take the stage for Tatarstan Art Night presented a fascinating show. Tatarstan State Symphony Orchestra, which had great attention from worldwide under the baton of Conductor Aleksandr Sladkovski, performed a great concert accompanied with the photograph slide show about Tatarstan. With their colorful and dynamic Tatar and Russian dances, Tatarstan State Folklore Music Group and world-wide famous Kazan Dance Group charmed the guests. The ballet performance of a world-class young skill Koya Okava in accompany with orchestra was admired widely.

While 14 year old Saida Muhamedzenova, winner of Young Voices Contest in Russian Federation, was applauded widely by the audience, accordion virtuoso Almaz Ahmedzanov colored up the night with his performance. In addition to the young skills, widely known opera singers of Tatarstan, Tatar folk music singers and also the second-winner of 2014 Türkvizyon Contest in Kazan Aydar Süleymanov took stage. At the end of the night, the singers who took stage sang together the song “Hey Ana Dilim (O My Mother Tongue)”.

After the present exchange the organization ended. “Tatarstan Photograph and Handicraft Exhibition”, opened before Art Night, will be available for one week.