Fourth Meeting of TURKPA Commission of International Relations and Legal Affairs was held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on 29 April 2015. The Commission Meeting, which was held in Kyrgyzstan Parliament, was attended by Member of Parliaments from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek Ambassadors of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkey and also representatives of related countries. Secretary General Fahri Solak represented TDBB in the meeting.

The agenda of the meeting of TURKPA International Relations and Legal Affairs, under the presidency of Commission President and also Ankara Member of Parliament Haluk İpek, was composed of the elections in TURKPA member countries, election systems and reports on the activities about election systems of the assembly and advisory jurisdictions.

President of Commission İpek, in his opening speech, stated that TURKPA has started election observation activities in 2010, and has witnessed many elections in member countries and published reports. He also mentioned that election has become a current issue for the Assembly and there has occurred acneed to put election observation activities on the agenda and to discuss them; he also declared that this activity of the Commission would contribute to the improvement of the national electoral legislation, exchange of experience and best practices, as well as development of cooperation among the higher election institutions of the member countries.

The representatives of TURKPA Member Countries, present in Bishkek within the scope of the meeting, were accepted by the President of Kyrgyzstan Parliament (Jogorku Keneş) Asılbek Jeenbekov and they also visited the grave of Cengiz Aytmatov in Ata Beyit Mausoleum.

It was decided that the next meeting of the Commission would be in Turkey.