Union of Turkish World Municipalities’ (TDBB) Information and Experience Sharing Program themed as “Waste Management / Recycling and Employment Applications” for the member municipalities in Balkan countries has started.

The opening ceremony, which was held in Headquarters on 23 February 2015, was attended by 30 mayors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia in addition to Vice President of TDBB and also mayor of Zeytinburnu Murat Aydın, ISKUR Istanbul Provincial Director Muammer Coşkun and TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak.

One-week program will start in Istanbul and continue in Konya

In the opening session, Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak gave a detailed briefing about the goals and content of the program which will start in Istanbul and continue in Konya, while Vice President Murat Aydın said: “In order to increase the life quality of the citizens and to develop international relations, we share all the information and experience we have with the member municipalities of TDBB. I wish this program, which was organized in this perspective to benefit from the experiences of Istanbul and Konya, will be fruitful for the participant countries.” After Aydın’s speech, a representative from each participant country gave information about the functioning of local governments in their countries and stated their expectations about the program and appreciation to be in Turkey.

The participants were informed about the Employment Practices in Turkey

After the opening speeches, in relation with the employment applications content of the program, ISKUR Istanbul Provincial Director Muammer Coşkun talked about ISKUR’s functioning, the efforts carried out with local governments and its goals. Coşkun gave detailed information on ISKUR’s solutions for the employers and employees’ problems, the institution’s training and intern programs, and the efforts of ISKUR for the employment of women and disadvantaged groups.

New Members of the Union got their Membership Certificates

After the speeches and the presentation, the new members of the Union which are Doboj, Doboj-Istok, Novi Grad Sarajevo, Stari Grad Sarajevo, Travnik, Visiko, Vukoavlje and Fojnica Municipalities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Glavinitsa Municipality from Bulgaria and Rozaje Municipality from Montenegro were presented their TDBB Membership Certificates.

The one-week program, with the contributions of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Bayrampaşa, Üsküdar and Selçuklu Municipalities and in cooperation with TIKA, will end with the presentation of Participation Certificates in Closing dinner hosted by Bayrampaşa Municipality on 27 February 2015.

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