The delegation under the leadership Republic of Kyrgyzstan Deputy Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism Maksat Çakiev visited TDBB. The delegation consisted of Kyrgyzstan Istanbul Consul General Renat Tüleberdiev, President of World Ethnic  Games Public Foundation Askhat Akibaev and his Vice President Sergey Danilenko, and  President of ‘Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Business Council Azamat Camankulov.

In the meeting, hosted by TDBB Secretary General Fahri Solak, the possibilities of organizing social and cultural activities in cooperation with TDBB under the framework of “2015 Kyrgyzstan Culture and Tourism Year in Turkey” projects and the organizations that may be done within the framework of “Turkish World Nomad Games” which is planned to be done in 2016 were discussed and opinion exchange was carried out.