Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB)’s High Advisory Board Meeting was held in Union’s Headquarters with the participation of board’s members, who are Prof.Dr.Osman Horata (Ahmet Yesevi University Chairman of the Board of Trustees), Prof. Dr. A. Burçin Yereli (Hacettepe University Faculty Member), Prof. Dr. Adem Esen (Istanbul University Faculty Member), Prof. Dr. Salih Aynural (Gebze Technical University Faculty Member) and Dr. Özgen Keskin (Former Mayor of Yıldırım Municipality).

In the meeting topics such as Evaluation of 2014 Union Activities and 2015 Perspective, Turkish World Sister City Module Project, supporting academic studies on Local Governments in Turkish World, and future projects that may be done in 2015 for the 100th anniversary of Çanakkale Victory were discussed.

TDBB should act as a leader in the development of Sister City relations in Turkish World

In the meeting, which started with the informative presentation about TDBB’s 2014 activities and 2015 planning, Sister City Practice was discussed in detail. The things that could make the system suitable for current conditions, and that could bring content and functionality into the practice were addressed. In this framework, the members stressed on issues like keeping a healthy inventory and creating a database about the sister city protocols that were signed between local governments in Turkish World, updating the related inventory to develop the dual relations with concrete projects, including economic, business and non-governmental organizations to the process in addition to the local governments and reflecting the cooperation to all scales of society to create awareness. Besides, the importance of charging an institution like TDBB with general coordination in Sister City relations between Turkic Republics and Relative Communities was pointed out.

Supporting studies themed as Local Governments in Turkish World

In the section where one of the important points in the agenda, TDBB Research Support Program was discussed, the members pointed out that currently the local governments have become stronger and more important; they also stressed that to discharge the increasing responsibilities effectively, the local governments should strengthen the human resources. In this framework, they stated that researches and graduate studies on topics such as urbanization, urban history, and urban identity in Turkish World would be helpful to support.

Çanakkale Awareness in Turkish World

Within the scope of activities of Çanakkale Victory’s 100th Anniversary, the members stated the importance of organizing programs in Turkish World other than the general organizations in Turkey, and creating Çanakkale awareness in related countries; they also exchanged opinions about preparing publications about Çanakkale War with the perspective of countries which were present in battlefront, bringing the foreign member mayors to the summit that will be organized in Çanakkale, organizing cultural visits for the young people coming from the related countries and conferences, symposiums and exhibitions.

The meeting was ended with suggestions and offers, and with the decision of gathering TDBB High Advisory Board Meeting three times a year for four-month periods.