In “Turkic Speaking Countries Ministers of Culture 32.Term Standing Council Meeting”, Merv City of Turkmenistan became 2015 Turkish World Culture Capital. The handover ceremony took place on 21 November in 2014 Culture Capital, Kazan.

The delegates of Turkish Republic, who were present in Kazan for  2014 Turkish World Culture Capital Closing Ceremonies and TURKSOY Ministers of Culture Meeting, were accepted by President of Tatarstan, Rüstem Minnihanov.  The official visit was also attended by Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism Abdurrahman Arıcı, Governor of Eskişehir Güngör Azim Tuna, Secretary General of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) Fahri Solak and Kazan Consul General of Turkey Turhan Dilmaç.

During the ceremony held in Republic of Tatarstan State House President Minnihanov expressed, “Our effort is to increase the cooperation between our countries, and to protect our rich cultural heritage to leave to future generations. Our city has become the third city after Astana and Eskişehir, which have the title of Turkish World Culture Capital. This special title has fit Tatarstan, where people from different belief backgrounds live in peace together. We have shown great importance for this year and I believe we have shown this with the activities we performed. Our cultural cooperation has been developing day by day in different areas. We were very glad to welcome hundreds of scientists and artists in Kazan all the year round.”

Co-President to TDBB from Tatarstan

During the visit Secretary General of TDBB Fahri Solak briefed about TDBB and its activities and added, “Our Union, which aims to strengthen Turkish World in local governments area by sharing information and experience, and to develop the relationships with the regions that we have cultural unity, has co-presidencies in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and TRNC. In this framework, if deemed appropriate, we would like to have a mayor from Tatarstan, an important factor in Turkish World, act as TDBB Co-President.

In response, President Minnihanov expressed his pleasantness about the subject and stated that the necessary process would be started and the determined mayor would be informed to TDBB.

Within Tatarstan visit, Secretary General of TDBB visited Union of Tatarstan Municipalities and exchanged opinions with President Minsagit Şakirov about cooperation issues. In this context, invitation of mayors in Tatarstan to Turkey for 2015 March and information and experience sharing program for these mayors were decided.

Besides closing ceremony of Tatarstan Minister of Culture was attended, and the representatives from different countries of Turkish World were met bilaterally about the development of cooperation between local governments.