Information and Experience Sharing Program of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) themed as “Water Management”, which was organized for municipalities from TRNC between 5-8 November 2014 with the cooperation of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Union of Cyprus Turkish Municipalities (KTBB), was completed.

The program was attended by 20 Mayors from TRNC

The program, hosted by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, was attended by TRNC Mayors Delegation of TDBB Co-President and Mayor of Güzelyurt Municipality Mahmut Özçınar, Mayor of Değirmenlik Municipality Osman Işısal, Mayor of Esentepe Municipality Cemal Erdoğan, Mayor of Geçitkale Municipality Hasan Öztaş, Mayor of Paşaköy Municipality Habil Tülücü, Mayor of Vadili Municipality Mehmet Adahan, Mayor of Dipkarpaz Municipality  Suphi Coşkun, Mayor of Alsancak Municipality Fırat Ataser, Mayor of Mehmetçik Municipality Cemil Sarıçizmeli, Mayor of Y.Erenköy Municipality Mesut Yıkıcı, Mayor of İskele Municipality Hasan Sadıkoğlu, Mayor of Tatlısu Municipality Hayri Orçan, Mayor of Dikmen Municipality Yüksel Çelebi, Mayor of Alayköy Municipality Hulusi Manisoy, Mayor of Beyarmudu Municipality İlker Edip, Mayor of Lapta Municipality Fuat Namsoy, Mayor of Akıncılar Municipality Hasan Barbaros, Mayor of Y. Boğaziçi Municipality Katip Demir and General Secretary of  KTBB Taşer Aybar, with the leadership of the president of KTBB, also the Mayor of Gönyeli Municipality, Ahmet Benli. During the four-day program, the delegation had the opportunity to investigate the activities of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration General Directorate (ISU) on site.

ISU shared its Knowledge and Experiences

During the program themed as Water Management the participants were informed about several topics such as the activities of ISU Subscription Services Department, subscription processes, debt tracking and collection, loss and illegal use identification and billing, and they also investigated the functioning of Plaj Yolu Treatment Facility of Department of Treatment Facilities on site. The delegation was also briefed about the functioning of SCADA system, maintenance and repair operations, and Dams and Drinking Water Treatment Plants in Head of Drinking Water and Sewerage Department; besides they visited Kandira Namazgah Dam to get information about its functioning.

The certificates of the Mayors were presented by President of TDBB İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu

At the end of the program the delegation from Cyprus attended the dinner organization hosted by President of TDBB and also Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, and received their “Information and Experience Sharing Program Participation Certificates”.

In the organization President Karaosmanoğlu said, “Cyprus is one of the greatest parts of Turkish World. We are sisters and brothers with Cyprus. As Turkey, as local governments and as TDBB, we give all kinds of support. With all our hearts and souls, we wish to see a more developed and advanced Northern Cyprus. We will do anything for the development and advancement of Cyprus, and for the peaceful living conditions of the people in the region.”

President of KTBB and also Mayor of Gönyeli Municipality stated that the program was very useful for them and he added, “We have problems about water in Cyprus. It is a small island and a dry land. Turkey supported us in many circumstances and now helped us about water. 75 million m3 in a year, this great amount of water for Cyprus standards will be brought to the island soon. All the components of the project have almost been completed. This water is so important that it will both affect the human life and the geography of Cyprus island. Maybe the vegetation, maybe the wild life or the climate will change. That is so important. Now on, protecting every drop of the water to bring it in the most suitable quality and price to our people, and maintaining this process will be our duty. What we needed in this position was the way to manage water. That’s why we are in Kocaeli. We thank Metropolitan Municipality ISU General Directorate on behalf of Cyrpus people for sharing their experiences. We really took advantage of the program in a time we needed and we got important information. We will go back to our country informed and equipped.”