The delegation, which consisted of Mongolia Local Governments administrators under the leadership of Hentii Province City Council President Suren Purevjav, visited Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and exchanged opinions on the things that could be made to develop the cooperation between countries.

The visit, which was hosted by TDBB Vice President and Mayor of Zeytinburnu Municipality Murat Aydın and General Secretary of TDBB Fahri Solak, was attended by Hentii Province City Council President Suren Purevjav, Mayor of Chingis City Municipality Bazarkhand Nyam, General Secretary of Hentii City Council Tsogbadrakh Unur, and Hentii City Council Members Ayurbuni Damdijinav and Çulunbatar Munk Erdene from Mongolia.

Aydın: We care about the cooperation with Mongolia on Local Governments.

TDBB Vice President Murat Aydın started his speech by talking about Union’s activities and the relations with Mongolia and continued: “We come closer through local governments; we, Zeytinburnu Municipality, had contacted with Nalay City of Mongolia in 2010. We would like to welcome the mayors of Mongolia to our information and experience exchange programs organized by our Union, and to contribute to the development of our relations in this way; we are very happy to have you here as our guests.”

Hentii Province City Council President Suren Purevjav held the floor on behalf of the delegation and gave information about Hentii City’s geographical features and economy, and added, “We have started to visit countries to introduce and develop our countries. In the last two years Mongolia and Turkey relations have developed; the contribution of this development to our country is very great, we would like have you as guests in our country.”

After the present exchange at the end of the meeting, the visit ended.