Last Kyrgyz Khan Rahman Kul Khan was commemorated in Istanbul for his 100th Birthday. The commemoration program, organized by Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), was held with the contributions of Kyrgyzstan Istanbul General Consulate, TIKA, and Zeytinburnu Municipality.

The commemoration program, held in Zeytinburnu Culture and Art Center, was participated by Ankara General Consul of Kyrgyz Republic Ibrahim Cunusov, TDBB Vice President and Mayor of Zeytinburnu Municipality Murat Aydın, PM of Parliamentary of Kyrgyzstan Maksat Samirov and  Abdulmanar Kutuşev, Kyrgyz author Bayas Tural, family members of Rahman Kul Khan, residents of Ulupamir Village, academicians, artists, government executives, representatives of institutions, NGOs and other guests from Kyrgyzstan.

TDBB Vice President Murat Aydın talked in the opening session of the program and told that, “Except for Istanbul, people from Turkish World, Balkans, and partly Crimea migrated to Zeytinburnu and they settled here. They first became neighbors and then relatives. Kyrgyz people are among the neighbors that have meaning for us.” Furthermore Aydın stated the dense population of Kyrgyz people in Zeytinburnu and added: “They live in Ulupamir village in Van Erciş but they have strong relations with Zeytinburnu. Today we are commemorating one of the important figures of Kyrgyz recent history, who leaded the migration of our Kyrgyz brothers to Turkey. Participation of Kyrgyzstan Ankara Ambassador is very meaningful for us. People from various nations in here live as neighbors. Zeytinburnu is a place that creates bonds with Anatolia.”

“Rahman Kul Khan and Ulupamir Kyrgzs Panel”

After the opening speeches and projection of the cinevision telling the life of Rahman Kul Khan, the program continued with the panel themed as “Rahman Kul Khan and Ulupamir Kyrgzs”, with the chairmanship of TDBB General Secretary Fahri Solak, Phd. President of Rahman Kul Khan Foundation  Ayımkan Camankulova, Indiana University Faculty Member Prof. Nazif Şahrani, Çüy University Faculty Member Prof. Süleyman Kayıpov, Manas University Faculty Member Prof. Kadırali Konkobayev and Mimar Sinan University Faculty Member Prof. Abdulvahap Kara attended the panel as speakers.

“Kyrgzs are happy to live in cognate land”

Ayımkan Camankulova, one of the panelists, told that “Kyrgyz Khan Rahman Kul, while struggling for his folk, worried also for other related communities. He was always happy for bringing his folk and living in here, because here is the cognate land. The role of Turkish people is great in Kyrgyz people’s acquaintance of their living place, so I thank you for this”, and Prof. Süleyman Kayıpov added that “Turkish-Central Asia relations continue in every period. Rahman Kul was a foreseeing leader who followed the developments in Turkey and who were interested in what was happening around him. He was so interested in Turkey that he named his grand son as “Adnan Menderes”. He hadn’t taken over khanate from his ancestors; his folk gave this title to him.”

Rahman Kul served to Islam

Prof. Nazif Şahrani, named as “my tenth son” by Rahman Kul, started his speech with the luck he had when he lived for a long time with Rahman Kul, touched upon the care he gave to Islam and said, “he always underlined the fact that Turks accepted Islam not by force but by their own will, and he called his folk for observance of religious duties.”

The last speaker, Prof. Abdulvahap Kara mentioned about his Kazak origin and continued his speech: “Rahman Kul lived for his folk; he showed great effort for the unity of Turks. The unity of Turks will change the World History. We should strengthen our relations via our cognates in Turkey. There are Turks in Kyrgyz Parliamentary, there should be Kyrgyz PMs in Turkish Parliamentary; these are important steps.”

“A Roof of World” Art and Sculpture Exhibition

After the panel, with the attendance of the protocol, the opening of “A Roof of World” Art and Sculpture Exhibition, which was consisted of the works of Rahman Kul Khan’s sons Abdulmalik and Ekber Kutlu, was held.


Later on the guests were served regional food from Kyrgyz Cuisine, and the program ended with the concert of Kyrgyz folk singer Roza Amanova, accompanied with Mercan Kyrgyz Folk Dances Group.

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