Executive Board Meeting of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) was held on 24 September 2014, in the headquarters of the Union in Istanbul.

The meeting, with the chairmanship of İbrahim KARAOSMANOĞLU-President of Union and also Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, was attended by TDBB co-presidents Mehdi SELİMZADE and Mahmut ÖZÇINAR, Mayor of Bayrampaşa Municipality Atila AYDINER, Mayor of Beykoz Municipality Yücel ÇELİKBİLEK, Mayor of Beyoğlu Municipality Ahmet Misbah DEMİRCAN, Mayor of Bolu Municipality Alaaddin YILMAZ, Mayor of Çekmeköy Municipality Ahmet POYRAZ, Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet SEKMEN, Mayor of Gebze Municipality Adnan KÖŞKER, Mayor of Hendek Municipality Ali İNCİ, Mayor of Kartepe Municipality Hüseyin ÜZÜLMEZ, Mayor of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet ÇAKIR, Mayor of Pendik Municipality S. Kenan ŞAHİN, Mayor of Selçuklu Municipality Uğur İbrahim ALTAY, Mayor of Şahinbey Municipality Mehmet TAHMAZOĞLU and Mayor of Zeytinburnu Municipality Murat AYDIN.

TDBB is always with its Members

During the meeting, the activities that took place since the last meeting were evaluated and the projects that were planned to be carried out for the coming months were discussed. Within this scope many subjects were argued, like 2nd International Köroğlu Festival organized by Bolu Municipality, Commemoration of Rahmankul Han’s 100. Birth Day, the programs that can be organized in 2015 for the 100.Anniversary of Çanakkale War, starting experience exchange programs among local and international member municipalities, satisfying the training demands of member municipalities, and the local and international meetings to be held in the future.

New Members Strengthen the Union

The membership applications of Inegöl (Bursa) Municipality, Körfez (Kocaeli) Municipality, Iskenderun (Hatay) Municipality, Republic of Bulgaria Glavinitsa Municipality, Republic of Macedonia Tetovo (Kalkandelen) Municipality, Montenegro Rozaje Municipality, Kazakhstan Aktau Municipality, Moldova Gagauz Autonomous Region Congaz Municipality and Bosnia and Herzegovina Doboj Istok (Tuzla) Municipality were accepted.