With the invitation of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), Republic of Kazakhstan Regional Governor of Kızılorda Krımbek Köşerbayev and accompanying delegation visited many places in Kocaeli and Istanbul for the development of economic, commercial and cultural relations.

The delegation which included Kızılorda Deputy governor Galım Amreyev, Governorate officials and businessmen, visited President of TDBB and Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu at the first day of their contacts.

During his visit Governor Köşerbayev especially talked about the investment opportunities in Kızılorda Region and called Turkish tradesmen come and invest in the area. Besides, he invited President Karaosmanoğlu to the Business Forum that will take place in Kazakhstan next month.

We should remove the obstacles

Governor of Kızılorda said that he wished the trading volume between Turkey and Kazakhstan raise up to 10 billion dollars and Turkish businessmen invest in Kızılorda. He added that for this goal, the obstacles between two countries should be removed and the businessmen in Turkey should be encouraged to invest in Kazakhstan.

Kocaeli is the industrial city of Turkey

President Karaosmanoğlu expressed his appreciation for the visit and gave information about the city. “Kocaeli is one of the important cities of Turkey with 1.700.000 population. It is the industrial city of Turkey. %15 of production in Turkey takes place in here. Kocaeli is a migration-receiving city with a 5.000-year history.  Metropolitan Municipality applications in Turkey have developed more in recent 10 years. Kocaeli is totally a metropolitan municipality and has been successful in this application. 30 cities in total are now metropolitan municipalities.”

President Karaosmanoğlu stated that the main investments are made by metropolitan municipalities in the city and the authority of urban planning of whole city belongs to the metropolitan municipality. Besides, the coordination of transportation and infrastructure is in the hands of metropolitan municipality.

Within the framework of the program, the delegation visited Kocaeli Chamber of Industry and Chamber of Commerce. After the meeting, good-will protocols were signed for the development and mutual cooperation of two countries on construction, chemical industry, recycling, and electronic industry.

After the meeting held with the presidents of Chamber of Industry and Chamber of Commerce in Kocaeli, the delegation paid a visit to the Governor of Istanbul, Hüseyin Avni Mutlu in his office.

Also with the participation of TDBB General Secretary Dr. Fahri Solak to the delegation, Governor Mutlu told that he is glad to meet with Kazak representatives in every occasion and to cooperate with them.

Governor Mutlu stated that there are almost 20.000 Kazak people in Istanbul and many attempts are made to take a more active role together in both social and business life.

While the common historical and cultural heritage of Kızılorda Region and Istanbul has been discussed, Governor Köşerbayev has shown his appreciation to be in Istanbul, thanked Governor Mutlu for his hospitality and invited him to Kızılorda. Governor Köşerbayev said, “The most important sources of income in Kızılorda are petrol, gas and uranium production. We produce 11 million ton petrol. 64 percent of Kazakhstan’s uranium production takes place in Kızılorda.  Almost total production of Kazakhstan rice is in Kızılorda. For the investments that will be done in Kızılorda, corporate tax is not collected for 10 years and property tax for 8 years.  After the first prominent product from the investments you have made, the government returns 30 percent of the products back to you. If the investment is over 50 million dollars, the government returns 50 percent of the total investment to the investor. Foreign workers can work easily. Government gives extra support for strategic investments in Kazakhstan.”

During the visits in Istanbul the delegation met with the Executive Board of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and discussed cooperation opportunities.

The delegation left Istanbul after the cultural tour.