Dear Ministers,

Dear Consul General

Dear Deputies

Dear Presidents, Members and Press Staff

Welcome to The TDBB’s Extraordinary Assembly Meeting

I m greeting you and on behalf of Executive Board Member,

I would like to give information about this agenda of meeting,

As you know after the local government election which was held at March 30 2014 we should choose new Executive Members, Advisory Board, Supervision Board and TDBB’s Rules.

Dear Guests,

TDBB was founded for developing relationship between countries which is spoken Turkish, its relatives communities, governing of cities and  regarding of governing cities so TDBB is working hard for doing all these. Today we got very big family from 26 countries with over 1081 members from the world.

Dear Guests

Turkish and Islamic World communities are tightly bond with each other. Our ancestors that we feel sorry, happy and proud for are common.

We, as Union of Turkish World Municipalities, direct our activities in this perspective.

In recent weeks, we have again witnessed how we have come together with the losses in Soma and Bosnia Herzegovina.

While many municipalities in Turkey have tried to aid Bosnia, we have received letters of condolence for Soma from all the member countries. Many countries organized commemorative ceremonies.

The flags were half-mast for national mourning…

Our bonds with Turkic republics and sister countries are this much deep-rooted, our friendship strong and relations intense.

We are trying to do our best to maintain the peace for the future, by keeping our ancestors’ heritage who secured peace and civilization in the world for thousand years.

The great tasks that we accomplish to bring the nations together are the results of the greatness of our family. Turkish world, in spite of different geographic regions, time periods and individuals, have shown the same sensitivity and given the same message to all humanity.

We are the members of a great civilization which tries to main the individual to maintain the state.

We love all the nations and all the people. That’s why we are same and we are like mirrors for each other.

It is our duty to develop relations among Turkic countries, to strengthen and our cultural bonds and keep our heritage to bequeath young generations.

With our activities in Union we aim to clinch our cooperation still more with the strength that we give each other.

We need this in order to benefit from the opportunities in the area that we commonly share and to fight against the risks that we face.

In this way we believe that we can contribute to the welfare of the communities and stability of our region more and we can also reinforce our cooperation and partnership.

It is important for our international relations develop on the basis of economy and culture.

We are in cooperation with several national and international institutions which work in this scope like TIKA, The Department Turks Abroad and Related Communities, Turkic Council, TURKPA, TURKSOY, Yunus Emre Institute, Union of Turkish Municipalities and Union of Turkish World Architects and Engineers.

When we look at the history, we see that the most efficient and strong periods of Islamic World are the ones that Silk Road is the main route of world trade.

When Islamic World has stayed out of the global economy and the routes of world trade, it has lost its dominance in political and civil areas. In this way revival of Silk Road is the key for the economic welfare and political strength of our countries.

Dear Guests,

From the day of our foundation, we managed knowledge and experience sharing among local governments with our UYEM Training Programs and our personal visits.

We have tried and are still trying to provide the tight bonds between countries with the cooperation we make, the organizations we plan and other cultural activities.

With our publications Eurasia in Ottoman Archival Documents, Urban Administration from Seljuks to Republic, Local Governments in Turkish World and City and Human from Central Asia to Anatolia, we have shed light to our great history and civilization.

I believe that we will continue our activities with your significant contributions.

Dear Guests end of my speeches I would like to thank you for participation and congratulations new Executive Members, Advisory Board, Supervision Board and TDBB’s Rules.