The delegation of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB), with the aim of developing member country relations within the framework of Tajikistan program, visited Ministry of Culture of Tajikistan, Dushanbe Metropolitan Municipality and Kulab Metropolitan Municipality. During the visits, the delegation was accompanied by Tajikistan Dushanbe Ambassador Mehmet Munis Dirik and TIKA Regional Vice Coordinator Dr. Nazım Aksoy.

There should be cooperation in cultural activities

During the visit of Minister of Culture Şamsiddin Orumbekov, Ambassador Dirik talked about the activities of TDBB and stated that importance should be given to sister city relations to develop international relations. He further said that Konya and Kulab and Ankara and Dushanbe are sister cities so there should be cooperation in cultural activities.

Republic of Turkey is the first country which recognized our independence

Tajikistan Minister of Culture started his speech by thanking the Ambassador and said that they are always open to dual relations and they want to support cooperated activities. Minister Orumbekov added, “Besides the official decisions, developing the cooperation between folks is also important. We have common points with Turkic speaking countries. Especially we have close relations with presidency level. Republic of Turkey is the first country which recognized our independence. There is no limitation for our cooperation with TDBB.”

We would like to benefit from your experience on Solid Waste Disposal

After these visits, the delegation went to Dushanbe Metropolitan Municipality and met with Deputy Mayor of Dushanbe Metropolitan Municipality Nasrullo Hayrulloyev. During the visit Secretary General of the Union gave information about the aim of the institution, its activities and UYEM programs and said, “The problems of the local governments are similar all around the world so with information and experience sharing these problems can be solved easily, we can carry out this program with your municipality.” Hayrulloyev stated that the biggest problem of Dushanbe is solid waste disposal so they wanted to benefit from Istanbul’s experience.
We want to develop brotherhood and friendship more

On the second day of the meetings, the delegation visited Kulab Municipality, 200 km far away from Dushanbe, and met with Mayor of Kulab Metropolitan Municipality Abdugaffor Rahmonov.

Mayor Rahmonov gave information on Kulab, mentioned the economical, cultural, social and educational structure of the city and added that the city had a historical background with 2700-year monuments. He stated that Kulab has a sister city in Iran and signed a sister city protocol with Konya in 2012. Rahmonov informed that they are doing activities cooperated with TIKA and Turkish Businessmen and said, “We want to develop brotherhood and friendship more.”

Secretary General Mustafa Başkurt, talking in the name of TDBB, gave information about the activities of the Union and UYEM programs and stated that they wished the municipalities in Tajikistan attend to these activities. He mentioned that they wanted to develop the relationship between local governments and touched on the common projects they did with TIKA.