“Workshop for Harmonization of Laws in TÜRKPA Member Countries”, organized by TÜRKPA-Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking Countries-with the support of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) was held and hosted by Istanbul University Eurasia Institute.

The opening of the workshop was attended by Vice-Rector of Istanbul University Prof. Mahmut Ak, TÜRKPA Secretary General Jandos Asanov, TDBB Secretary General Mustafa Başkurt, Director of Eurasia Institute Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bekir Günay and many academicians.

TÜRKPA and TDBB are doing a great job together

Speaking in the opening session of the program, Vice-Rector of Istanbul University Prof. Mahmut Ak stated that TDBB and TÜRKPA has carried out many activities all around the world and organized many cooperated programs for the problems among the members; he further wished a good solution from the workshop.

TÜRKPA Secretary General Jandos Asanov stated the assembly dimension of the developing cooperation and added: “During this cooperation some problems may occur, we aim to create a legal ground for the relations between the countries by finding solutions.” He also mentioned that this is a long term process and the studies of the experts on this area and this meeting will create a ground for the model that TÜRKPA puts forth.

The laws should be harmonized on the level of local governments

TDBB Secretary General Mustafa Başkurt mentioned the support they gave to the meeting as a result of the protocol signed last year, and highlighted the point that in order to make the result of this workshop stable and future-proof it should be both handled in assemblies and local governments.

During the workshop of TÜRKPA, which Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey are also members, the harmonization of laws, studies on model laws and creating a good study model for this subject were discussed.