The delegation of Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) visited several institutions in Baku with the invitation of Azerbaijan Ministry of Justice Center of Working with Municipalities and also Co-President of TDBB Mehdi Selimzade, to make visits for the development of the relations between members.

Cooperation Visit to Kuba Governor

On the third day of the program, member of High Advisory Board of TDBB Prof. Adem Esen went to Kuba City to make presentation on information and experience sharing with Azerbaijan municipalities about the functioning of municipalities in Turkey, which was discussed during the visit of TDBB Co-President Mehdi Selimzade, and visited Kuba Governor Müberiz Agaev. During the meeting, the Governor stated that they started a competition among municipalities to apply the strategic plans in Kuba City and would give award to the municipalities who worked hard all through the year; he also stated that they gave importance to the development of local governments.

Experience Sharing in Municipalities

After the visit, Prof. Adem Esen gave a seminar on the municipal functioning of municipalities in Turkey to a group of 150 people, consisted of Kuba town city mayors and vice-mayors, in Gaydar Aliyev Culture Center.

During the one-hour program, ex-mayor of Konya-Selçuklu Municipality Esen shared his experience of municipality with the participators and answered their questions.