Self Governing Gagauz of Republic of Moldova Knowledge and Experience Program UYEM 2013 5th  which was organised by The  Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and with  cooperation The Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency (TİKA)  was completed with certificate ceremony participating of Vice President of TDBB Murat Aydın and member of Parlemant of Bahchelievler Municipality Faruk Chetin in Headquarter of TDBB at December 30.

The 20 Mayor and expert with the President of Comrat Nikolay Dudoglu who is mayor of Comrad City and Co-President of TDBB came from Self Governing Gagauz of Republic of Moldova.

The Guests got pleased of being in Turkey and got many information about practices in municipalities such as waste menagement, water transfer, metropolitan design etc. and They thanked to everyone who contributed to the program.